1. Add option to set the status of a page

    While sharing documents, it is often necessary to explain to collaborators which pages are finished, which are work in progress / subject to change etc. so that they know which pages are safe to ignore and which to focus on.

    So I'd like to suggest a new select menu with a number of status' to choose from for each page, such as:

    * new
    * work in progress
    * subject to change
    * ready for review
    * approved
    * rejected
    * ...

    Many thanks and keep up the good work,

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  2. Add a freestyle polygon / polyline / bezier curve

    Circles, stars and rectangles are good. But sometimes you need some more freedom.

    So far, when I needed something special, I created it in some other tool and imported it as svg. This is rather cumbersome because you need an extra tool and if you want to change the color of the shape later, you're back in square one. It is also very difficult to draw something that needs to fit the rest of the layout this way.

    So, please, add the possibility to draw freestyle polygons, polylines and bezier curves.

    Many thanks!

    9 votes
  3. Add Folders in Templates

    Could we get folders in Templates. We've got several tools that we create mockups for, each of them has their own set of tools widgets. It would be great if we could separate them.

    3 votes
  4. When I edit template I want to see result everywhere I used template

    Is there such possibility? Now when I use template in 10 place and I want to change one thing in template I have to do that 10 times.

    1 vote
  5. 1 vote
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  6. 3 votes
  7. Highlight the comments button

    Highlight Comments button for clients. It needs their eye to be drawn to the button. Clients who aren't computer savvy don't always notice it right away.

    9 votes
  8. For Cients: Quick Explainer for Moving Comment Anchors

    Clients that are new to MoqUps and may only use it once or twice need a short introduction to comments. Either a video or a bit of text, a short walk through, that is triggered by selecting "How to Comment".

    Primarily, users need to know they can move the anchors around. I don't want to explain that to them every single time. It may seem obvious to us, or people who are computer savvy, but many of my clients are not.

    9 votes
  9. Unlock Function

    I can select a group of items and lock them. However to UNLOCK I need to select each element individually! That's madness! I should be able to select a group of items and unlock them at al once.

    6 votes
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  10. Role of animated videos in bringing out audience emotions

    In a single day we tend to feel hundreds of different emotions – each fitting and specific to the physical and social situations we find ourselves in. Video content triggers strong emotional feelings, and by making its right use you can direct the customers to take the action you want them to take. It’s the perfect tool to increase your animated explainer video’s persuasive potential.
    But the important question is what is the reason behind video content generating such strong emotions? There has to be a scientific explanation behind it. Read this and find out the role of emotions in…

    1 vote
  11. Image library with name and organising

    Hello. Can you make the image library to have folders and subfolders so it can be a bit more organised. Working with a prototype site containing a lot of images can be quite hard to find what images I have used and the list can go on forever. Also its a bit annoying to go through the list to find an specific image which is located at the bottom. Images can be in folder for different projects etc.


    2 votes
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  12. add a group box stencil

    I design UI for a desktop application and occasionally it makes sense to use a group box. It would be nice if that was available as a stencil.

    1 vote
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  13. Export comments together with pages

    Because history of comments is critical when exporting the project to client.

    3 votes
  14. Icons in Buttons in Moqups 2 !

    Hi! Icons in tne new Moqups are missing. It was a great feature in Moqups 1

    3 votes
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  15. Sort templates alphabetically

    Please sort templates alphabetically instead of descending order of creation. If you have loads of templates it is very hard to find anything with the current sort order unless you search, which is not always what you want to do. Better yet, give the user the option to choose the sort order.

    3 votes
  16. Link when unauthenticated forgets page

    If I go to a link like but I'm not logged in, Moqups takes me to the login page then when I log in redirects, but it goes to the first page in the project not the one linked.

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  17. Add treeview colours and images

    I'd like to be able to change the colour of text at the line/node level within the treeview - rather than the entire tree all being one text colour.


    I'd like to be able to put a custom image/icon on a node (this would be in addition to the expand/contract toggle images.

    1 vote
  18. Serious bug: Images distorted/replaced when exporting projects to PNG/PDF

    While exporting a project to PNG/PDF, user uploaded pictures are automatically replaced with images from other projects (i.e. images from projects created by other, completely random users).

    Sometimes they can be heavily distorted/pixelated, but sometimes you can visibly see that they are images from other people's projects.

    10 votes
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  19. for 'pages' menu

    - Delete multiple pages at once
    - Do not scroll to the top of the menu when the page has been deleted
    - Have the option to collapse all the tree menu of 'pages'

    1 vote
  20. Moving comments together with stencils

    It is common problem when you move some stencils on page and commenst keep on the same place. Commenst are there because you want to add some info to the part of page. It should move together.

    6 votes
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