1. Make (some) stencils interactive

    It would be great if, e.g. a dropdown stencil, would be interactive. So, in the final mockup the person opening the mockup could actually click on it and the dropdown with its options/list entries would show. This feature, of course, would be nice also for slides, date pickers, checkboxes,...

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  2. Ability to add our custom Stencils and share Stencils sets with the community.

    If we can add stencils to our accounts and then share our stencil sets with the community will be great, and we are going to help you guys with improving the library.

    Having predefined sets with stencils that can be added to a project from your library, but not included in the basic package not to make the basic package too heavy.

    Also i think adding links within paragraphs and menu items is a must. In order to link to another page from the menu we have to add label on top of the menu and simulate the action.


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  3. Ability to link individual link-bar items

    Add the ability to add a link to a single Link-bar item. This way we could use the link bar for entire menus instead of creating single links for each menu item.

    76 votes
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  4. Twitter bootstrap Stencil

    Why not a Twitter Bootstrap Stencils ?

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  5. Add a mouse cursor/pointer icon so you can demonstrate hover states

    I often use a mouse cursor/pointer on wireframes to demonstrate a hover state.

    Would be great to get one added to the icon set. Currently I'm using the location arrow icon which isn't ideal!

    Could also maybe think about a fingerprint for demonstrating a touch event.

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  6. add more android stencils

    They have free icons on, and I'm pretty sure they're apache licensed. Also open source are the android framing templates.

    Font-awesome integration would be awesome as well!

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  7. Allow community stencil library contributions

    It would be great if enthusiastic Moqups users could create and share custom stencil libraries with the entire Moqups community, or possibly submit to a forum such as this to have their stencils voted in by the community.

    48 votes
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  8. Rich text stencil

    Would be nice to have a stencil that depicted a rich text editor.

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  9. 35 votes
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  10. Extend the Enabled/Disabled Option to More Stencils Than Just Checkboxes

    I love the ability to enable or disable checkboxes. On the other hand, it's a tragedy that I can't do it to any other stencils. At the moment I have to create disabled stencils using boxes coloured grey. This feature would fit in superbly with the dynamic nature of websites these days.

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  11. Support RTL languages

    RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic needs support to align all stencils to the right. For example when placing horizontal menu, let us choose aligning the items inside the menu to the right rather than the left.

    31 votes
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  12. Add a menu (hamburger) icon please

    I can't believe the hamburger icon isn't included by default, given how popular and widely used it is.

    26 votes
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  13. Masterstencil

    I want to group stencils and add them as new stencil so they can be reused on other pages. This custom stencil (thus Masterstencil) can be edited and will changes in all occurrences of it.

    Copy pasting already existing grouped stencils is fine, but when it comes to changing this link 20 times it gets tedious.

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  14. Add sub-menus for vertical list menu

    Hi moqups team!

    A colleague showed me your site yesterday and I'm delighted with it already. Fantastic tool and perfect timing as I start wireframing a new web app.

    I was experimenting with the vertical menu and the syntax for the selected menu, arrow, etc. and thought it would be brilliant if you extended the syntax and stencil to allow sub-menus to be defined for the highlighted parent menu. You could keep on nesting if you were feeling ambitious...

    Once again, great site. Am utterly stoked to have discovered it!


    21 votes
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  15. Diagonal Line Draw

    This might be related to "Pen Tool"

    20 votes
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  16. Add pagination Stencil

    To easily illustrate a pagination system

    18 votes
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  17. text delimiter

    Hey, Moqups Team! I found Moqups is an awesome tool! There is one thing I would suggest. Currently, the text delimiter is "," when I input text for separate tabs, or input numbers into different columns in a table. But sometimes, my numbers are presented with thousand separators, like 1,000,000. In such way, "1,000,000" will be put into three columns.

    I do think this is a minor thing but if you could improve that would be perfect!!! Thank you again for making such a great tool! I really like it!!

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  18. Add a Stencil type for Text Lists

    Currently you have the menu list, but it would be nice for a simple ordered and unordered text list. Current workaround is to force a paragraph into a psuedo-list.

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  19. Back color for the Text Box

    I would like to have back color and text color to be changed in the Text Box stencil too. It will be easier to define inactive, selected or read-only text boxes.

    15 votes
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  20. Social media stencils

    It would be handy to be able to add social media stencils (Twitter, Facebook or Share This).

    14 votes
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