1. Add a cursor stencil

    I think you should add a cursor stencil, like a pointing hand in order to show some specific hover design/elements showing up.

    It would help the readers to understand what is hovered.

    5 votes
  2. Stencils community

    It could be interesting that users can create and share their own stencils.

    4 votes
  3. Add pagination Stencil

    To easily illustrate a pagination system

    4 votes
  4. Back color for the Text Box

    I would like to have back color and text color to be changed in the Text Box stencil too. It will be easier to define inactive, selected or read-only text boxes.

    4 votes
  5. Change opacity to rectangles

    Changing opacity or selecting a pattern fill to rectangles would aloud to create box dialogs effects, like the one i`m ussing right now to give you feedback.
    It`s usefull to indicate that you don`t want to change the context, and you need to capture the users atencion.

    4 votes
  6. Carousel stencil

    It would be cool to add a carousel (image slider) stencil!

    4 votes
  7. Ability to format text in Label stencil

    Need underline / bold / italics attributes to be applied to some or all of the text in a label.

    4 votes
  8. Add the ability to specify width x height for elements

    Dragging the elements is okay for setting width and height, but it would be really nice to be able to specify a numerical reference for the width and height of an element in the properties box that appears on second click of the element.

    4 votes
  9. Extend the Enabled/Disabled Option to More Stencils Than Just Checkboxes

    I love the ability to enable or disable checkboxes. On the other hand, it's a tragedy that I can't do it to any other stencils. At the moment I have to create disabled stencils using boxes coloured grey. This feature would fit in superbly with the dynamic nature of websites these days.

    3 votes
  10. Add size to editable qualities of elements.

    It would be great to edit the actual measurements of elements - for instance, creating a 320px wide box is easy (you can see dimensions upon creation), but if you want to make sure a button is 40px wide or edit anything, you have to start from scratch.

    3 votes
  11. Table view (grouped)


    First of all thanks for the great web app! Very easy to use. Going to use this a lot!

    I'm missing some things though like a table view stencil and the option to for a grouped table view. It would be great if you perhaps could add that in a future release.

    Perhaps also in that table view options for Title and description in a single table cell.

    Thanks for taking note!


    3 votes
  12. Stencil: IOS Scrollbar

    To show that there's "more" in the screen.

    2 votes
  13. Social icons

    Maybe you can add social icons like FB/Twitter/G+/...

    2 votes
  14. Social media stencils

    I rarely make a design these days without adding (or being asked to add) facebook, twitter etc! Perhaps they could be a valuable addition to the stencil library.

    Great app! Thanks, Dave

    2 votes

    Hi Dave,

    This is already covered in the Icon stencil or any stencil using icons. Try adding an “Icon” stencil and search for “Facebook” by clicking the Icon picker button in its property panel.

    Please let us know if this covers your needs or if you have additional suggestions!

  15. Transparent stencils

    For some stencils (like Box or Simple Shapes) it would be useful to be able to remove the background and keep only the border.

    2 votes
  16. Submenu

    It would be nice if there would be a syntax for submenus in menu stencils. "-", for example.

    1 vote
  17. Offer button "themes" with enabled/disabled option

    Allow selecting a color theme to be applied to all button objects in the project, and then allow formatting the button based on common conventions (Enabled, Disabled)

    1 vote
  18. Add more clarity/unification on list feature syntax

    When adding a vertical list stencil I was hoping I would have the same degree of customization that the iOS menu stencil had (x or X for image placeholder, * for bullet, etc) but it appears I can only use the * to select one, and add a ", >" to add arrows. It would be nice if all the lists were unified a little bit to support similar features or have a standard syntax for what characters added what additional features. Otherwise I'm left to layering stencils to get what I want.

    Overall, these are great and each serves…

    1 vote
  19. "Hand-drawn" stencils ...

    to make the mockups look more sketchy.

    1 vote
  20. make non active tab text, border grey

    It would be nice to have the non-active tabs' (including single tabs) text and border grey. 2 benefits. Less confusion with the non-intuitively grey background on active tabs vs white inactive. Also, I like to use the disabled look of grey text and borders to represent elements on page that are already built, to contrast with new elements shown in black text and borders.

    1 vote

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