1. make non active tab text, border grey

    It would be nice to have the non-active tabs' (including single tabs) text and border grey. 2 benefits. Less confusion with the non-intuitively grey background on active tabs vs white inactive. Also, I like to use the disabled look of grey text and borders to represent elements on page that are already built, to contrast with new elements shown in black text and borders.

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  2. Give the ability to remove navigation bars from iphone view

    Pretty much as above, just make a tick box that lets you have an iphone without navigation bars in the slide out menus, rather than just change colour

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  3. 1 vote
  4. Make the video stencil scale

    When the video stencil is made small the controls are way too large. Have the controls scale with the size of the video screen.

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  5. 1 vote
  6. Add TinyMCE stencil


    I just want suggest add a TinyMCE like editor.

    Bye !

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  7. Have a 'Look' setting... filter by look-type (Metro, XAML, web(fb), iOS, WP, etc)

    I want to start out with a particular look (i.e. Metro, or Windows, etc). Would like to see only those (correct icon settings, colors, fonts)

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  8. Add Photo tour stencils

    I'd love to see a photo tour stencil and/or arrows which could delineate such.



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  9. Support RTL languages

    RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic needs support to align all stencils to the right. For example when placing horizontal menu, let us choose aligning the items inside the menu to the right rather than the left.

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  10. faceted search stencil

    You know, something like or or any site that uses faceted search. I know Yelp has a horizontal faceted search if you wanted to have both options.

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  11. Add Upside Down Tabs

    Tabs at the bottom of the page are often upside down or reversed from the tabs at the top and hang from the bottom of the screen.

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  12. More stencials would be great

    nice app; add more stencils for rapid development of wireframes

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  13. Change properties on various stencils at once

    Any common property, on selected stencils, should be editable on any of them when multiple selection is made. The same as it works on one of them, but only displaying the common properties.

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  14. draw the selected tab in front of the other tabs

    The way that the tabs are drawn at the moment, the right-most tab is on top of the one to its left, and so on. It looks like the right-most tab is always selected, even if one tab is painted grey. This is especially bad with two tabs, if the first is grey it makes it look even less emphasised.

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  15. text delimiter

    Hey, Moqups Team! I found Moqups is an awesome tool! There is one thing I would suggest. Currently, the text delimiter is "," when I input text for separate tabs, or input numbers into different columns in a table. But sometimes, my numbers are presented with thousand separators, like 1,000,000. In such way, "1,000,000" will be put into three columns.

    I do think this is a minor thing but if you could improve that would be perfect!!! Thank you again for making such a great tool! I really like it!!

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  16. So cool...

    It's so awesome that the stencil search finds things based on how we think of them, instead of having to remember what they're called.

    For example, "field" matches text input and text area, and "dropdown" matches the Combo box....I was able to find exactly what I needed in both cases.

    Thanks for sweating the details like this, makes Moqups really easy to use (instead of frustrating like so many other tools)!

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