1. export to HTML but with template library

    Let there be a standard and editable template (XML or something), where the objects from your moqups will be placed and exported to desired (text) format. The template libraries would be created and shared by users. Example export template libraries: for HTML5, for Android, for jQuery, iOS, Dojo etc. It could be much simpler than already existing export to PDF.

    166 votes
  2. 128 votes
  3. Integrate with Google Apps + Log in with Google.

    It would be nice to sign up / log in with Google, just like in this feedback system. Also get it in the Google Apps marketplace with integration to Google Drive

    84 votes
  4. Import from Balsamiq

    I hate Balsamiq, and I hate that other people don't feel the same way. Unfortunately, the reality is, Balsamiq is a big name, and I'm often faced with having to deal with the files this application produces. It'd be great if I could just import these into Moqups.

    25 votes
  5. Integration with Slack Please

    It'd be great if there were some way to integrate Moqups with Slack. If there is already, please let me know. Thanks.

    20 votes
  6. Integrate with XWiki

    Integrating with a wiki would be neat and since XWiki is one of the top enterprise wiki, it would make sense to provide an integration for it.

    Actually the XWiki team is very open to such integration and I'm sure they'd love the idea and would even help. They can be contacted through their mailing list:

    Right now there's already an integration for Balsamiq Mockup and it would make sense to do the same for Moqups.

    19 votes
  7. Link Stencils and images to external websites, dropbox links, google documents, etc.

    Link Stencils and images to external websites, dropbox links, google documents, etc.

    17 votes
  8. 15 votes
  9. Embedding a wireframe on your site.

    Having this feature would be fantastic. Moqups as a tool is brilliant but to really take ownership of your projects by adding them to your site would be the ultimate compliment I think.

    14 votes
  10. 9 votes
  11. compatibility with fluidapp

    compatibility with fluidapp without showing the message "compatibility with fluidapp"

    9 votes
  12. project size

    I think the size should be adjustable by page, not project. Because when a page in project has very much content i enlarge the size, but after that small pages (with less content) having too big sizes...

    7 votes

    This is now resolved in the latest Moqups release available for you starting today.

    Thanks so much for your feedback on this. It made us switch our initial decision that all the pages should share the same size across the project.

    Emil – co-founder @moqups

  13. Exiting preview mode shows page you were previewing

    When exiting preview mode the edit page should show you the page you were previewing.

    The most likely reason for me to preview is to QA the prototype. I exit preview as soon as I find an error, but then have to locate the page again in edit mode. It's just an unnecessary step.

    Alternatively have an *edit this page* link in preview mode that does the same thing ...but I think my first suggestion is probably sufficient.

    7 votes
  14. Includes

    the use of includes -

    change the menu in one place and it propagates on each page. this would save so much time. tons of elements are on each page.

    thanks for making sucha cool software. i love it.

    fyi - i sent the suggestion to support again. sorry.

    6 votes
  15. 6 votes
  16. Integrate with Open Source APIs

    Scound cloud, youtube, flickr, pinterest could all be embedded in the pages

    5 votes
  17. Insert page/s OR project/s using iframes

    The idea is to be able to add, in my project manager, any of this moqups. The interesting is to be able to insert only one page, oposite to all the project.

    5 votes
  18. Expose API to Enable Basis of a Content Management System

    Create and expose an API so I can power my website using the content of a Moqups project. Because the UI of Moqups is so much more stellar that most CMS installations.

    Is there a way I can currently achieve this via document sharing in Moqups somehow?

    4 votes
  19. Add like, share, tweet buttons

    Please add configurable fb, g+, tweeter buttons.

    4 votes
  20. Master page for selected pages

    Hi, i realy want to set one kind of master page to some group of standard pages. For exmaple, i have master page for Home Page layout wich i use to "hack" drop down menu animation, but i dont want to use this master page for another type of pages (like product pages etc.). Sou what i want is possibility to select which pages exactly should me hit by each master page layout.

    3 votes
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