1. add layers

    as for now the grouping is not enough

    149 votes
  2. Page Tree instead of Page List

    Imagine creating a mockup and wanting to show different states of that mockup (e.g. 'folder opened', 'list collapsed', 'advanced view', etc) or different design alternatives.

    By organizing the pages in a tree instead of a list you could simulate a flow through your mockup (like SketchFlow for example, though there you can really define a flow) or have an easy way to organize your design alternatives.

    119 votes
  3. Mockup templates would be very useful and helpful to have. This way I can start rapidly a mockup

    Mockup templates would be very useful and helpful to have. This way I can start rapidly a mockup

    90 votes
  4. master format as objects instead of a page

    I'm an interaction designer of desktop software.

    I use moqups, the excellent mock-up tool when I make UI layout.

    As for desktop software, many screen layers can be displayed at once.

    However, a page can have a master now in moqups because master format is page.

    What about changing the format as objects or hierarchy master pages?

    That would make easy modification when I should draw mock-up of multi-layers.

    37 votes
  5. Dedicated mobile viewer

    Users visiting from mobile devices should get a touch optimized UI

    33 votes
  6. Improve page speed and reduce loading time in new Moqup

    I love the new functionalities, stencils, icons in the new Moqups. However I find it extremely slow and buggy - it often freezes

    26 votes
  7. text editing

    underline, bold ,.....

    25 votes
  8. Change the filename of exported PNGs

    I think you should make exported png's start with the page number first, so that they retain order

    25 votes
  9. Select multiple object using mouse without moving background objects

    Selection of multiple object using mouse is possible, but when I want to select multiple objects and there is a background object it moves it. I would like for a way to start the action of selecting multiple object without moving the background object(s).

    25 votes
  10. Put the "stencil search" field at the top of the sidebar

    Please put back the stencil search field at the top of the sidebar, it has become very difficult to use, awkwardly placed, too small and conflicting with OSX's dock.

    24 votes
  11. to have of bootstrap-like moqups and frames.

    Bootstrap-like moqups are sometimes more informative. Would be great to have them.

    23 votes
  12. Add sortcuts for align

    c - Center align vertical
    e - cEnter align horisontal
    t - Top align
    b - Bottom align
    l - Left align
    r - Right align

    this is standart sortcuts for Corel prodecns
    please add this

    21 votes
  13. Android support

    But I miss tablet support for it.
    I tried using it on my Xoom 2 via browser but could not edit the stencils because the double click (touch) does not work.
    Please fix it or make a native app for android.
    I would buy a native app for sure.

    20 votes
  14. Center the page/document

    Using a 27" iMac, I'm getting neck pain having to work on the left side of the window.

    19 votes
  15. UX feedback

    Lets see some rollovers!

    19 votes
  16. 19 votes
  17. Allow me to have different projects open in different windows simultaneously

    Allow me to have different projects open in different windows simultaneously

    19 votes
  18. Give yourself a pat on the back.

    No need to reply - I just wanted to say what a job well done! I know it's still in the beta phase, but what an impressive build!


    18 votes
  19. links in h/v menu

    to add links in horizontal and vertical menu by printing something like that @pagename

    18 votes
  20. Support browser zoom factor

    Hey I use a Retina screen, and thus I set a 110% zoom as browser default, because websites/text are really small in a Retina screen.

    Doesn't work so well with moqups. Any chance you could support that somewhen?

    And thanks, this is a cool tool!

    17 votes
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