1. UX feedback

    Lets see some rollovers!

    16 votes
  2. 16 votes
  3. Show page comment belongs to

    When viewing all pages comments, it would be helpful to see the page a comment belongs to and be able to click it and have page change.

    15 votes
  4. Make it easier to access the "properties box"

    Sometimes it's tricky to open it. Maybe a hover button like in MS Word, and/or a context menu item.

    15 votes
  5. Support zooming in the editor

    It would be super cool if I could zoom around in the editor. Some of the stuff is real small.

    14 votes
  6. Android support

    But I miss tablet support for it.
    I tried using it on my Xoom 2 via browser but could not edit the stencils because the double click (touch) does not work.
    Please fix it or make a native app for android.
    I would buy a native app for sure.

    14 votes
  7. PNG Export: Use the page name as the filename

    ...instead of assigning generic filenames; "Page_1.png," "Page_2.png".

    It is a bit of a PITA to go in and copy-paste each page name as the filenames once the project is exported, especially for projects with multiple pages.

    14 votes
  8. Remember controls styles

    I prefer thinnest stroke over just thin. And because thin is a standard stroke, for every new control I need to update this parameter.

    It would be great if controls styles would save automatically and once you create a new control - last used style is applied.

    Or add small button to control designer, that will allow to set current style for this control (or all controls) to be a default.

    12 votes
  9. Link - always visible

    I love the experience so far. Great beta site... may i suggest the 'link' functionality be visible always (or give option to show always? This way it is one step less for me (users) to manipulate this assignment.

    Also, allowing linking on multiple objects and/or groups would be powerful (vs. having to go through and assign individually)

    Fully understand this may be on te roadmap already, but passing along the recommendations.

    Thanks much, have a fine day - N

    11 votes
  10. Start selection from outside the page

    If I have an element covering the whole page (let's say a browser window...), I'm left with no way of "drawing" a selection.

    Allowing the selection start point to be outside the active page canvas would fix that.

    11 votes
  11. F2 shortcut to edit text

    Many have the habit of presssing F2 to edit.

    11 votes
  12. Moqups is amazing! I just love this tool.

    I've been using Moqups for my ui design mockups since the last few projects and it has turned out to be incredibly helpful and fast in doing what it does. I love it, and thank you guys out there for letting me use this amazing tool online.

    10 votes
  13. PNGs Naming Conventions

    It would be great to have the number of each slide at the beginning of the filename, instead of being at the end and between parentheses, as it is now. That way, it will be easier to visualize them in the correct order in a system explorer or finder.

    ¡Great app you have made!

    10 votes
  14. Add spacing to menus

    Need to add the ability to add spacing between menu items otherwise if you only have a few and they're all stuck on the left it doesn't look very good to present.

    9 votes
  15. Grid colors

    Really need color options for grid especially stroke color, so far grid is the only way to duplicate lines in order while maintaining them synchronized, so if this option can be added I'm pretty sure i can finalize my design here without photoshop already.

    9 votes
  16. Adding rows to grids should grow the grid

    When I add a row, or delete one from a grid, the grid maintains its height.
    Ideally a grid should grow or shrink in height by one row's worth of pixels whenever a row is added or deleted.
    At the moment I have to resize every time.

    8 votes
  17. Enable USEFUL features that no other mockups/prototyping software does.

    Moqups is a fantastic, modern and very useful UI / prototyping web service. Finding those few features that make it an "essential" service for complete idea and concept building would make Moqups unstoppable. Not just crap features that bloat the app, but useful, time-saving, effective features that make the prototyping experience more streamlined and efficient. A Photoshop-esque layers panel with a grouping ability, which would also allow users to save groups as widgets, or user library elements/components.

    7 votes
  18. 7 votes
  19. Allow users to be able to send moqup files online and let them be able to edit the files as well?

    I'd love it if moqups implement the idea of allowing us users to send or share our files to our friends and they can edit them as well instead of just viewing it. This would be so much convenient for my project work. :)

    7 votes
  20. Display the account name of the logged in user

    It is customary to do this; the UX is enhanced because seeing "my" name assures me that the app "knows" it is me.

    7 votes

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