1. 7 votes
  2. Advance to next page in Edit mode

    It would be awesome if we could advance to the next page of the mock-ups by just clicking an arrow on the tool bar (rather than having to click on the project structure button). This feature is available in Preview mode but would also be nice to have when editing my pages.

    7 votes
  3. Just a thank you

    No suggestion, sorry, I just wanted to say Moqups is awesome :)

    Terrific job ! Thanks a lot for this tool.

    7 votes
  4. Colorbar

    Add a color bar with the most used colors in the document or the color we want to keep. This bar should be always present on the screen.

    Awesome App by the way ;)

    6 votes
  5. Alignment options - icons and text

    On the alignment menu, alignment options should also be represented with icons, or even better, only icons with name in tooltip.

    In repetitive tasks, icons like those are crucial, and I'm sure they are very familiar to everybody, or at least, easy to associate.

    And of course, it will look much cleaner so better user experience.

    6 votes
  6. copy-paste: paste at relevant coordinates

    If I copy a selection, and paste it, it will appear at the exact same coordinates. It would be easier if the selection would be pasted at - say - the current mouse cursor coordinates.

    6 votes
  7. HTML inside text area is executed

    I was using a text area in a wireframe where the text area is the output box for a form generator. It seems this input isn't sanitized or treated as text-only. Intentional?

    6 votes
  8. 6 votes
  9. Support IE11

    This is a pretty simple request. I'd love to see Moqups support IE11.

    6 votes
  10. Current color in color picker

    The current color of the item should be highlighted in the color picker.

    6 votes
  11. Provide documentation on stencils options

    I like your product but I don't think I am using it to the fullest extent because there is no documentation on all the options for the stencils. For example I know I can make a link active in a link bar by adding a star or something like that. But it would be so useful to have some documentation on all those little options that make your product so great.

    5 votes
  12. Add a forum category for possible bugs.

    This would avoid cluttering up the other categories and provide a single point of reference for other users with similar experiences.

    5 votes
  13. Link feature has a strange position.

    I would like to be able to access it from shortcut and rightclick.

    5 votes
  14. Improve undo function

    undo function works incorrectly. Deleted elements doesn't appears, etc.

    5 votes
  15. Make the scrollbar in the toolbox permanent

    The hiding and reapearing scrollbar is anoying because it falls over the right side of the tiles, giving the illusion that there's something there while there's not.

    Other then that, AWESOME! Solid looking tool!

    5 votes
  16. Aligning edges only works one way

    No matter which order you select 2 widgets, if you try to align their edges (top, left, etc.) they will always be aligned the same way. It's not always the way you want.

    Selecting the widgets in a different order does not change which one forces its position on the other one. (This is how it works in Visio - I believe the object you select first imposes on the second.)

    4 votes
  17. Add number identification of gray color

    some widgets suggest me to choose a color from range of gray. I have a trouble here how to choose the same color. I suggest to give a number to the color from range 1-10. It could help to memorize and identify desired color.

    4 votes
  18. Setting: replace popup with sidebar

    If i want to change a setting of an object I have to click, wait, click. If instead there was a static sidebar with the all settings of the selected object I could get a quicker overview of my options.

    4 votes
  19. Перенос строк в заголовках и ссылка

    Не понимаю, почему нельзя сделать заголовок в две строки, или ссылки. Сделайте перенос строки по шифт-ввод например. А то приходится везде использовать абзацы, что далеко не всегда удобно

    4 votes
  20. to save pages with ctrl + s

    It thought it was saved doing that ... I was wrong !
    This feature would be great !

    4 votes

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