1. Charge Money

    Why don't you charge for folks to use this wonderful service?

    3 votes
  2. Context menus: Popup menus sometimes display off-screen

    To reproduce:
    Set the canvas size to be slightly larger than your browser window.
    Scroll down to the end and place a Button stencil close to the bottom of the page.

    Right-click the Button stencil to bring up the context menu.
    (Note that the context menu is partially truncated at the bottom.)
    Click the 'Fill color' option to bring up the Color popup.
    The popup will likely be almost entirely hidden, with only the first row of colors is visible.

    Possible workaround (not tested yet): Extend the page canvas at the bottom so you can scroll down far enough to…

    2 votes
  3. when entering Page size the behavior is buggy

    When i change the page size from the Settings Dropdown at the top right part of the screen, it doesn apply the width or height change when I enter it directly using my keyboard. On th opposite, if I first use the small arrows inside the width or height box to change the size it not only applies the change but also lets me input the numbers directly.

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  4. ... to become very succesful!

    Wonderful tool. Works very efficiently. Compares to nothing else I know.
    Should have had this a year ago...

    2 votes
  5. Give notification to active users that site is going into maintenance mode

    I was working on it and suddenly it stopped working. Now find youve gone into "scheduled maintenance" meaning I cant finish the work I was working on AND I cant even save it. Cant you at least put a pop up to all active users when maintenance due saying "Please save your work. Maintenance is happening in X minutes"

    Not happy :(

    2 votes
  6. Page list popover should adapt to browser's height

    Responsive Page list popover:
    If your screen resolution is bigger than 1440x900 the page list popover should be taller, so you don't have to scroll when there're more than 9 pages.

    2 votes
  7. Viewing experience via the browser...

    Hi Moqups

    I was wanting to show a client our brading progress on my Surface RT, but got a message the IE10 Metro isn't supported as yet.
    How are you going with allowing access via IE10 Metro?


    2 votes
  8. Label text beginning with "*" followed by a space disappears.

    If a label is added and the text starts with a "*" followed by a space and any other characters, the label is not displayed after editing is completed.

    2 votes
  9. Make "icons" searchable from "Search stencils" input

    For example: I want to add "refresh" icon to page.

    To do this now, I have to find "icon" stencil, add it to page and search for "refresh" icon.

    Would be great if I could just type "refresh icon" in "Search stencils" input and "refresh" icon would be added to page.

    Thank you!

    2 votes
  10. 2 votes
  11. developing a slow internet connection mode

    well, a period i had to use a slow internet connection. the problem occurs when moqups want to refresh / load the canvas.
    it moves slowly because of internet connection, but what if the images would be stored in browser's cache / local storage / session storage ?
    i think it will move more faster even it's a browser specific feature (i use chrome, i don't know if other browsers support storage features like chrome does)

    2 votes
  12. add an eye dropper

    Add a tool that allows you to select a an object, and copy the styles(color+outline style) applied to another other, like the eyedropper in photoshop.

    1 vote
  13. Might want to consider making a small tweak on your "Plans & Pricing" page

    Hi: Just a heads up about a term that you are using on your Plans & Pricing page (seeing that English is likely not your first language being located in Romania; I’m just trying to be helpful since I used your program today and was blown away by it – this product is really under the radar in IMHO). You need a good YouTube video demonstrating the whole package.

    Anyways, you guys use the term “Lovely Support”; this should read “Timely, or Unlimited or In-depth or on-demand support – “Lovely” in English means exquisitely beautiful or in the noun form…

    1 vote
  14. Give yourself a high five

    This is the most amazing IA tool ever. I've used Axure, Visio, iMockups and this is exactly what you need to get the job done without any other fluff to crowd the interface. Everything is easy to find, and the shortcuts are perfect. Thank you for creating this tool.

    1 vote
  15. Delighted!!

    Wow is the first impression created by this wonderful app!!


    1 vote
  16. Best Of the Tools

    I have used many tools for wireframe
    I feel this is the best one as its free.

    It is almost similar to MockFlow.But that service is not free and is Flash based.

    I just Love this tool.

    Chintan Parikh

    1 vote
  17. Mockups to scale

    When I drag out the iPad and iPhone stencils it'd be great if they were to scale or in the settings allowed you to choose the different sizes per version (iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 5). I know that's also connected to the overall artboard scale so that'd be great if it changed too.

    1 vote
  18. Move page title and saved notification to toolbar

    I often have to scroll to the top of a page to look at the current page's title to confirm which page I'm on. The page title could be moved to the whitespace to the right of the undo / redo buttons in the toolbar, which would mean it would always be visible, and would help users orient themselves in their wireframes.
    The 'save' notification should also appear in this space as it's not visible unless you're scrolled to the top, and I'm often uncertain as to whether it has saved or not.

    1 vote
  19. set the clone object's new position to the mouse pointed at the new page

    If I copy a subject from one page to another, the object still at the position of the old page, I think it's better to set the clone's new position to the mouse pointed at the new page, thank you

    1 vote
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    1 vote

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