1. Comments attached to stencils

    Would be great if we could right click on a stencil and "Add Comment".
    This was then represented as a small icon on the top right of the stencil (or whatever) - and would allow reviewers to reply etc..

    We do quite complex mockups with a lot of detail required. We always add a large "Notes" stencil as a left hand column - but it would be great if we could annotate right on the items themselves - as it's much more visual for the customers.

    43 votes
  2. Add connectors

    Add smart connectors to indicate relationships such as inheritance, workflow etc. Connectors should be able to start/end from the points of a diamond around an item, and have 0, 1 or 2 direction arrows associated. Should also be able to annotate the connectors to indicate 1-1, 1-many etc. Importantly, the connectors should move when the individual items are moved.

    20 votes
  3. Being able to select multiple pages and move them all at once

    Be really handy if you could select more than one page at a time when trying to organised your pages.

    If you could scroll through and hold shift down and click the ones you want to highlight, then drag them all to the bottom of the page menu which would put them all together.

    Being able to select multiple pages and move them all at once.

    Great work guys really enjoy usaing your tool!

    11 votes

    Thanks for your feedback!

    This is coming soon. We’ll first release the ability to nest pages on multiple levels next week (tree) and then we’ll allow multiple selection operations.

  4. Show or hide annotations pills by one-click for dev-mode and preview-mode too!

    Each stencil which is allowed as a annotation should be marked. Every user in dev-mode and/or prieviw-mode should show or hide annotations by one-click.

    Greetings from germany.....what a great tool.....keep it straightforward

    9 votes
  5. 7 votes
  6. colored grids + menu

    would be really nice to have the option to color active menu tabs and lines in a grid

    7 votes
  7. Numbering to reference detailed requirements docs (backlog)

    Ability to Annotate stencils or a page with a number that can be referenced in other documents like requirement details and backlogs

    6 votes
  8. Moving comments together with stencils

    It is common problem when you move some stencils on page and commenst keep on the same place. Commenst are there because you want to add some info to the part of page. It should move together.

    6 votes
  9. Type orientation

    Provide an option for type orientation. (sideways)

    4 votes
  10. Excellent

    Excellent application, complete and very useful.
    Keep up the good work.


    1 vote
  11. Button "Toggle notes"

    Usually I add some annotation hidden in Note element what describes inserted element on "scene" when I am creating moqups, but there is problem with them - they overlap my mockup if my colleagues would mind to see just look and feel. It is really tiresome to move them out of the scene (web version) or remove them especially for offline (pdf/png etc, etc.) version.

    Would you mind doing a "Toggle notes" button what hides/shows a note elements in online/offline verison?

    1 vote
  12. Role of animated videos in bringing out audience emotions

    In a single day we tend to feel hundreds of different emotions – each fitting and specific to the physical and social situations we find ourselves in. Video content triggers strong emotional feelings, and by making its right use you can direct the customers to take the action you want them to take. It’s the perfect tool to increase your animated explainer video’s persuasive potential.
    But the important question is what is the reason behind video content generating such strong emotions? There has to be a scientific explanation behind it. Read this and find out the role of emotions in…

    1 vote


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