1. Export HTML

    Ability to export the mockups to html/html 5. Nothing special on the generation just plain html is fine, however, if it could be HTML/CSS that would be a plus.

    235 votes
  2. Combo box that opens as a list

    I imagine the possibility to open a combo box as it normally works, with a dropdown list

    198 votes
  3. Create Objects that can be shared between pages

    Maybe somethings like templates, or master pages.
    By example the browser frame, with the header is the same in all my pages

    129 votes
  4. Make it work on iPad

    Right now it works rather bad on iPad

    124 votes
  5. Emulate hovering and popups

    Emulate hovering and popups (tooltips, popup windows etc.). Maybe by adding layers, which are visible by condition.

    120 votes
  6. 104 votes
  7. Responsive page layouts

    It would be great if the wireframes would have a responsive option.
    Or of you could set several breakpoints for specific wireframes.


    homepage - small (iPhone)
    homepage - medium (iPad mini)
    homepage - large (1024px)

    92 votes
  8. Master page inheritance

    Hi. I think It would be great if there is some kind of master page inheritance. For instance: I have two masters pages (A) that has some elements. Then I create another master page (B) that inherits from A and has other elements. And then a page (X) that inherits from A and another page (Z) that inherits from B. If I change any element on A it will affect master B, X, and Z. But if I change B it will only affect X.

    81 votes
  9. Custom SVG upload

    Allow users to upload their own SVG.

    73 votes
  10. Resize grid columns

    I find useful the possibility to resize the columns of the grid stencil

    67 votes
  11. Link to Overlay Items (Modals, Lightboxes,...)

    would be great to see a feature, which lets me link to elements that are defined as "overlays". they opening on the same page in preview mode.
    great for signup wireframes or pinterest copycats ;)

    67 votes
  12. Accordion Stencil

    Collapse/Expand set of menus or options

    64 votes
  13. Import project and share project


    It would be great if you could make it so that I can import a project that someone else has done so that I can work on it in my own account.

    It would also be nice if it would be possible to work two people at the same time on one project.

    Otherwise I love this mockups program! :)

    45 votes
  14. in the dropdown 'widget' have option to add multiple lines of content

    Maybe i missed something but choosing the dropdown I can only type in the initial line. While this is useful, it's a big clunky to have to choose a text area box to simulate this effect. just a suggestion. I love this tool.

    42 votes
  15. Rotations

    Some stencils, specially the images, could use the rotation feature.... for instance I load a portrait image but I would like to use it in a landscape mode of the iphone mockup.... without doing a rotation on the original image.

    41 votes
  16. Add a tool to manage header and footer.

    Add a tool to manage header and footer. In fact the areas are always the same in a website and if you have to proceed a modifiation in it, you have to copy/past the new header/footer on each page... It is very long and not convinent.
    Just create a header/footer box which updates automatically when you proceed a modification on it.

    Congratulation ! great tool !

    35 votes

    Hi guys,

    Here’s how this stands currently on the new Moqups Beta (available at ):

    - you can use Master pages to define common areas like header and footer, and any change to the master page will reflect on all the pages it’s applied to
    - you can use the new Templates feature to save your header and footer as templates — that way it’s easy to drag them to each page from the Templates pane.

    I’m marking this as Planned since we’re looking to introduce Symbols, which are a bit like Masters and a bit like Templates: they’re reusable objects in your design that when you update something in an instance, the change reflects to all other instances.

    Dan from Moqups

  17. Text alignment inside shapes

    Text inside shapes is always centered. Provide a way to choose alignment of text.

    Horizontally: left, right, centered, justified
    Vertically: top, bottom, middle

    30 votes
  18. Allow users to control interactive animation by layer

    Layers could be useful to allow interactions inside the same page, but we also need animation, as we are already using it as an interaction design tool to communicate better some interactions to users. Slide-in/out from borders, scale up/down, modify height/width, move and fade are pretty used today and are needed to be considered as tools from scratch.
    Having some control about how layers appear inside of the same screen will give us a lot more options to make good decisions when prototyping.
    We already emulate some of these techniques when doing paper prototyping and it's nuts that this animation…

    29 votes
  19. Add Modal Dialog Stencils

    Provision to add modal dialogs, as most applications today have screens - upon screens.

    28 votes
  20. Center 960 grid system

    When sketching a site that will use the full width, but main content should stay within the 960 grid, you should be able to center the vertical grid lines to center og the document.

    28 votes
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