1. Add treeview colours and images

    I'd like to be able to change the colour of text at the line/node level within the treeview - rather than the entire tree all being one text colour.


    I'd like to be able to put a custom image/icon on a node (this would be in addition to the expand/contract toggle images.

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  2. Hello. My suggestion is more of a question. Have you considered adding more interactions outside of hotspots, i.e. drag and drop?

    I have used Axure and Mockflow. Each have their own purpose. I'm looking for something that can do a little more than hot spots, i.e. drag and drop interactions, tooltips, hover overs, dynamic states, etc. etc. Are these in an updated plan?

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  3. add a freestyle pencilr

    something simple, free draw and a couple of colors is enough. just to add comments a signal something

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  4. Edit the exported files

    It would be very useful if I can drag and drop the exported file into moqups drawing space and start editing the changes required. I am not technical guy and don't know the difficulties in doing the same.

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  5. A group working in a project

    It will be great if a group of work could make change in the same project! Any way, its awesome! thanks.

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  6. 1 vote
  7. link between page and action button

    Your app is awesome !!!!

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  8. 1 vote
  9. Shape Object needs Pixel Sizes

    When I click on a shape object, like a box, I don't know how big it is in terms of pixels. Same goes for the border. I am having to guess which is inefficient.

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  10. Adding Page Name and project title to PDF export

    I found this feedback :

    but I can't find how to add page name + projet title in PDF exports

    Thanks for your hel

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  11. Import from any structured file

    we need automatically build moqups from db schema. We can easily build xml, json or any data format with our entities.
    For example varchar => textbox, relation => combox, boolean => checkbox, after automatic building, with manual operations can be easily completed

    Is it possible

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  13. Show comments (or annotations!) export option for PDF

    I hate static documentation, but in case a client wants a hard copy.

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  14. make new iOS Controls

    You got here a very helpful tool for developers! Greet Job! If you may, please add other useful iOS controls like, table view, bouncy scrollbars, splitview and functionality mode like camera and itunes player.. Again.. Thank you very much for this app! :)

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  15. Linking column

    Maybe its nice to have an seperate column for the linking purposes. Makes it a bit easier to link

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  16. PayPal

    It would be nice to pay with PayPal.

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  17. More control over design. ie. line and fill colour of text boxes

    More control over design. ie. line and fill colour of text boxes

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  18. Enable a web map to be generated

    It would be great to have a one-click site map generation from the pages in the project using the links and titles that have been applied to these pages. Then allow the user to amend the site map.

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  19. Having a descent text editor

    it would be nice to have e descent text editor with revolutionary add-ons like bold or, or being able to make your text in "italic" with the clic of a button, of things like super fancy h1 or h2.
    thank you
    very good app anyway, use it daily.

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  20. Duplicate pages with sub-page groups.

    Please add a new function to duplicate pages with sub-page groups.

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