1. Add Modal Dialog Stencils

    Provision to add modal dialogs, as most applications today have screens - upon screens.

    25 votes
  2. Include pages number option

    Could be interesting and helpfull to include pages number.

    25 votes
  3. Allow Some Stencils to Animate (e.g. drop-down menu)

    Slightly "pie-in-the-sky", but it would be great to be able to make stencils "do something" when for example clicked on ro some other event occurs.

    Obvious example is when clicking on a menu item a drop-down menu appears.

    Another example would be having something appear or disappear when clicked on.

    23 votes
  4. Advanced Grid component

    Allow to have hyperlinks, icons, different font types in the grid content. Allow to show additional lines instead of extending the lines with the content (see Balsaminq table).

    22 votes
  5. Create page headers and footers and sidebars.

    It would be great to have a sidewide header footer or sidebar, maybe different templates for each. So if you include that on a specific page you would only have to make changes in one place.

    22 votes
  6. 22 votes
  7. Keep it free, please! (At least a simple version like current one) ^_^

    I don't know the roadmap of this project but I'm afraid that some day we can loose this great free moqup tool.
    Please! keep always a free version like this current one, available for everyone.

    Thank you.

    20 votes
  8. Social network integration


    It would be very nice, if you have social network integration buttons like "share on facebook", "share via ..." etc

    20 votes
  9. allow lists in the paragraph element

    Ordered and unordered list like a Markdown syntax

    20 votes
  10. Give opacity option for stencils

    Ability to change opacity level of, let's say, tooltip stencil would be really great.

    19 votes
  11. Ability to move page(s) to another project

    It would be nice if we could 'move' a mockup (or multiple mockups) to another project.

    Use Case:
    My team and I have a generic project we use for our internal intranet, we'd like to be able to move mockups for apps that we're done with into some sort of generic "Completed" project.



    18 votes
  12. Automatic Visual SiteMap creation

    It would be pretty amazing to be able to create pages and have a sitemap be generated in the project view.

    17 votes
  13. 17 votes
  14. 17 votes
  15. Ability to email me invoice each month

    Every month my finance team asks me to send over the invoice for the month. It's such a pain! It would be nice to have it emailed automatically to the account owner. It doesn't need to be pretty :)

    17 votes
  16. Make all stencil colours and borders editable

    In the same way we can change the colour and border for buttons and boxes, color of text and icons, it would also be great to be able to change these properties for all stencils.

    This will make it possible to make a wireframe where all stencils are consistent.

    Otherwise what is the point of changing colours at all if we can only change some of the stencils?

    15 votes
  17. Being able to create hotspots that link to pages of another project, not only pages in the same project.

    I'm moquin' up a project wich envolves various websites, and they are linked to each other. I need a way to organize myself. Either being able to make a folder structure where I can organize diferent websites on same project, or being able to link from one project o another using hotspots.
    Thank you.

    15 votes
  18. Create our own stencils

    It would be a nice feature if we could create our own stencils and save them so we can re-use them in future projects.

    Im not talking of creating new stencils completely, just saving a group of moqups stencils as a whole new instance.

    14 votes
  19. Handle responsive layouts by allowing multiple artboards

    Given that responsive support requires a lot of effort, I suggest you allow the user to create multiple artboards (mobile, tablet, desktop). They could set custom widths and would be able to export / preview each set of boards together OR as individual projects (i.e. show/export all mobile pages).

    Use case: Quickly design other views simultaneously.

    14 votes
  20. One time payment option

    I would like to maybe have a feature to buy this product one for a fee, not yearly not monthly. The concept of me paying each year is a bit intimidating and it's forcing me to go back to Balsamiq, even though I like Moqups a lot.

    14 votes


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