1. Descriptive Tootips

    Howdy. Cool app!

    Tooltips on hover would be awesome for giving clients an idea of what the element is all about. I'm using this to send a wireframe to a client for their approval and the ability to add notes that appear on hover would save a lot of questions.


    14 votes
  2. Add cascade masters

    I would like to be able to create cascade masters - just like pages, but a child master should inherit all objects from the parent.

    13 votes
  3. Drag'n'drop images

    Allow import of images into the mockup via HTML5 drag'n'drop feature for example...

    Use case : a send a design to my boss, he imports it here, then make some drawings and annotations on it, and finally send it back to me.

    Very good job anyway :) Web rocks.

    13 votes
  4. 13 votes
  5. 13 votes
  6. 13 votes
  7. Shadow

    Possibility add a shadow to any element in page

    13 votes
  8. group pages

    Please let me organize pages into groups, it's a bit hard to navigate the list of pages

    13 votes
  9. Enable line breaks

    Line breaks within table cells are something I find I need in my moqups quite frequently

    13 votes
  10. 12 votes
  11. Stencils

    Thaaaanks. The best service. About stencils, if will be stencils category Ex: Category "Mac OS X" has stencils from this thematic, "Android" has their stencils. And Prepared Images with thematics(Medicine, education etc.)
    The best servis

    12 votes
  12. Licensed white label subscribtion

    I'd like to see my moqups distributed to clients with my company logo and CNAME URL. and don't mind to pay some fees for this great feature

    12 votes
  13. Export all pages on one picture with arrows between them

    When exporting pages into PDF or PNG it would be great to have one single picture of all pages with arrows connecting them - best way to explain the prototype to a customer

    12 votes
  14. Collaboration

    Love your product!

    Wish I could collaborate with others a la google docs.

    Keep up the great work!

    11 votes
  15. Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials!!!

    Please Moqups team provide us with tutorials, even basic ones, as some people find it difficult to use the tool!

    11 votes
  16. Option to add a back link to Hotspot

    I use hotspots to create interactive wireframes, but sometimes I simply need to navigate back to previous page the way the browser back button does instead of a specific page, maybe have an option to select "Back to originating page" as a hotspot link?

    10 votes
  17. Simple but effective (Push Layer from link, Pop Layer form link, Clear all layers and go to link)

    Simple but effective (Push Layer from link, Pop Layer form link, Clear all layers and go to link). In this way we'll be able to show popups and others states.

    10 votes
  18. Resize from center

    Just a familiar option of resizing from center (Alt or ⌥ Option key while transforming an object in Adobe products).

    10 votes
  19. Add alpha channel

    i would like select the transparency of a color.
    Example: i need to show that in a point of my project there is a lightbox (or equivalent) pop-up; so i'll make a black rectangle 70% transparent.

    10 votes
  20. Selectable device as "background" in preview

    It would be great if I could select a device and the preview mode would show the pages on the screen of that particular device, such as a phone or a screen. (Instead of me adding the iPhone to each of my pages.)

    10 votes


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