1. Background layer for "tracing" or improved lock object feature.

    It would be nice to put in a background image to create on top of that doesn't affect the select tool. Currently, if I lock an image I cannot drag select multiple objects if the locked image takes up the whole artboard area.

    10 votes
  2. made possible to link every part of the breadcrumb

    in the way it is now, I can only add a link to the whole breadcrumb, not to every part of it, and I would like to be able to do this.

    10 votes
  3. Scaling of Elements while preserving aspect Ratio

    A Option to scale the Stencils and Images while preserving the aspect ratio would be helpfull, for accessability there should be also a keyboard shortcut for this feature.

    10 votes
  4. export to clipboard

    Have a button that export the project to an image format directly to the clipboard....

    10 votes
  5. Dribbble for moqups!

    Allow users to choose to make some projects public so that others can get inspired! I am imagining a showcase of moqups and people can copy them to their library and comment and vote!

    10 votes
  6. implement nested Master pages

    would be great :-)

    10 votes
  7. Mobile Layout

    Rather than having an outlined iphone, have vertical and horizontal layouts that are the screen size. Furthermore, if you could add elements beyond the boundaries and slide wireframe up-down, left-right that would be incredibly awesome for creating smooth UI and UX.

    I LOVE moqups. Great work y'all.

    10 votes
  8. 9 votes
  9. I would prefer Bézier curve´s and Arrows

    I would prefer Bézier curve´s and Arrows to Display Workflows

    also a great Idea would be an Database tool, means Entity Tables and arrows.

    9 votes
  10. Magnetic/snapping lines for diagram shapes

    In order to make this a better tool for making diagrams (such as ui flows, sitemaps etc) it would be good to have the lines snap to the shapes, so when I move some diagram shapes around, the lines remain connected. This is a must have feature for everything but the simplest of diagrams

    9 votes
  11. Merge Cell for Grid

    How can i merge cell for grid?

    9 votes
  12. number the pages

    It's really disorientating swapping between preview mode and edit mode. Debugging goes: preview mode > identify bug > exit preview mode > ...try and find exactly which page you found the bug on.

    Adding page numbers in the page title, page select tool (edit mode) and page select tool (preview mode) would make this a lot easier. Max votes from me.

    9 votes
  13. New link type : Function. Example : "history.back()" function

    In larges projects, it would allow to create a complete navigation without creating a previous page especially for each shared subpage.

    9 votes
  14. iOS: "Add to homescreen" for fullscreen preview

    First of all, I love working with Moqups! But... ;)

    It would be a really nice feature to add/save the preview of a moqup to the homescreen of your iOS device. This will simulate opening the application and give the client a fullscreen experience of the Moqup.

    9 votes
  15. Ipad and Iphone Template

    Not only as a stencils element, better like a template.

    9 votes
  16. Some advanced possibilities in comments

    1. Possibility to close comment (do not delete as it now)
    2. Highlight new comments in the common list

    Now quite difficult to find new comments in a large list.

    9 votes
  17. Need treeView tool!

    It's a common hierarchical structure display method, but never seen it in such programs

    8 votes
  18. Icon alignment within buttons

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but it would be great if you could change the alignment of icons set within button, currently they are set to left aligned of the text, the option for right aligned (signifying forward and back for instance) would be helpful

    8 votes
  19. Add side margins to Beta Moqups

    Add ability to create margins on both left and right side of the screen.

    Meaning that if I specify 40px side margins then the grid will start 40px from the left and end 40px from the right.

    8 votes
  20. I would like to have a feature to escape a comma on a grid

    I think this feature would be a big help not only me but any other who use grid much :)

    8 votes


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