1. Storyboards

    This tool is really great !
    It would be even nicer with the ability to make storyboards, by linking pages between each others with interactive / clickable elements.

    8 votes
  2. automatic page size

    It would be wonderfull to add a button to adjust the size of the page based on the elements placed on it.

    8 votes
  3. Change user name

    Would be nice if you could change your user name since it's in the URL:s when you share them.

    7 votes
  4. Allow me to ZOOM out so I can re-arrange my page easier.

    I create IA flows with mobile layouts and would love to zoom out so I can re-arrange easier. Dragging and scrolling wastes time and is frustrating when it doesn't work.

    7 votes
  5. give ability to scale *grouped* elements

    this is not only ability to scale, but to scale groups of elements together. for instance, i create a custom element using a few simple shape objects, say, a vertical slider. when scaling this slider i dont want to ungroup the whole thing, scale up individual elements, then group them back together.

    7 votes
  6. More Icons

    Please add more icons to the icon library. "move" would be nice (outward pointing arrow), so would a bunch of others...

    7 votes
  7. Bulk/Batch edit selected Items

    when selecting various text elements, it would be great to change the color in batch. same for other elements

    7 votes
  8. Web Map

    It would be amazing if i could create a web map with de pages i've created. Like a mindview.

    7 votes
  9. 7 votes
  10. Make a "properties" menu entry

    This "properties" dialog box would let:
    - user to know what kind of objects are used in demo ("Select and click again to configure", "Double click to edit") => unable to find those objects in the stencils
    - enter by hand dimensions and position, not fighting against grid snapping

    7 votes
  11. Allow hotspot links to link to external URLs

    Hotspot links only allow you to link to pages within Moqups. My website will include interactive data visualisation that I can represent with a static image but for stakeholder engagement it would be great to let the click and link through to a demonstration of the interactive visualisation on an external web page.

    7 votes
  12. Print area definition

    Your printing functionality is very simple, a little too simple as it requires me to fiddle around with pixel definitions of what I want to show.

    - let me define individual print areas
    - anything captured within a tablet/iphone stencil and anything directly touching this get's its own A4 page
    - let us choose the size of printable area by allowing us to choose predefined sizes: A2, A3, A4, letter, plotter (all those standard things).

    7 votes
  13. Allow placement of background image behind grid

    I'm currently drafting the UI for a Filemaker Pro database, and since I'll be using Filemaker's own search box (part of a toolbar, not my UI) I figured I'd add a screenshot of Filemaker's screen, and then build my UI wireframe inside that, thus better representing what the finished product will look like. Adding an image, sending it to the back and locking it is all well and good, but it sits on top of the grid lines and so ensuring UI consistency across multiple pages has become extremely difficult (or, at least, really clunky). It'd be nice if we…

    6 votes
  14. 6 votes
  15. Real "Page Folding"

    I know you have implemented a feature called "nested pages", but i think would be great to be able to create folders, I mean "items" that cannot be seen by collaborators with only "view" permissions, items that are not really a page.

    Right now, in view mode, if i change the current page by clicking next and previous arrows, this "blank pages" (Root pages) are visible.

    Thank you!

    6 votes
  16. Functional mockup with SQLite db support

    Link db actions to some stencils. This would allow people to do some basic db manipulations and thus you could create functional mockups. When you have this, the step to an "app" generator is not so big anymore. If you do this on HTML5 like the rest of the app, those apps could run on many browsers, many OS's . You could even add LUA support to this ... This already exists off line today. Bring it online.

    Even the sky is no limit.

    6 votes
  17. Feature Request

    Ability to add 'Post - It' Style notes to a layout. And a button for 'show' or 'hide' notes.

    6 votes
  18. More open source icons :)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the new icons. Here is another library which you might consider adding. The icon you already added has been the greatest time saver of my project so far !

    Open Iconic

    6 votes
  19. 6 votes
  20. Add barcodes

    Could you add a object for barcodes. A QR and a 'normal' barcode (EAN13/Interleave2Of5).

    6 votes


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