1. Export comments together with pages

    Because history of comments is critical when exporting the project to client.

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  2. Icons in Buttons in Moqups 2 !

    Hi! Icons in tne new Moqups are missing. It was a great feature in Moqups 1

    3 votes
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  3. Sort templates alphabetically

    Please sort templates alphabetically instead of descending order of creation. If you have loads of templates it is very hard to find anything with the current sort order unless you search, which is not always what you want to do. Better yet, give the user the option to choose the sort order.

    3 votes
  4. Add treeview colours and images

    I'd like to be able to change the colour of text at the line/node level within the treeview - rather than the entire tree all being one text colour.


    I'd like to be able to put a custom image/icon on a node (this would be in addition to the expand/contract toggle images.

    1 vote
  5. Embed custom icon font in project

    We are creating our own icon-font because we have to much svg-icons now which are not in one of the existing icon-fonts (Material Design, ...). How is it possible to upload our own icon-font into the project and use under "Icons"? Or if that dosn't exists, it would be great to get this feature... Thanks.

    1 vote
  6. Where are the iPad stencils in the new moqups?

    That's the only thing missing from the new version

    1 vote
  7. Make it possible to navigate to page using its id

    By id I mean the alphanumerical pat of the url (eg /view/page/aaa300fc0).
    I usually add links to mockups into user story or task description. The problem is that following the link (or editing the link in urlbar) leads to full project reload and takes a lot of time (and processing power)

    Would be great to use id in Page search field to navigate to the page without project reload.

    3 votes
  8. for 'pages' menu

    - Delete multiple pages at once
    - Do not scroll to the top of the menu when the page has been deleted
    - Have the option to collapse all the tree menu of 'pages'

    1 vote
  9. Allow deleteion of multiple pages (via groups)

    I'd like to be able to delete many pages at once.

    1 vote
  10. Add ability to create Symbols

    Similar to photoshop/illustrator or balsamiq. Where we can have a symbol library where we can re-use symbols across pages.

    If we update a symbol, it can be automatically updates across all pages where it's used.

    Bonus features: Symbols within symbols, and symbols that can accept data attributes. Similar to the features you now see in sketch and adobes user experience app.

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  11. User Experience testing app

    customer testing and feedback mobile app. Select screens to include, create a list of users to send to. End users download a moqups mobile app that allows them to test designs and flows created by designers.

    The idea here is give us a tool we can push to a customer group to get rapid feedback on our designs...not just team members. For customer testing its important to have a mobile version that scales and looks a little more native than sending them a weblink with a picture of a phone.

    Being able to rapidly prototype our general flows and layouts…

    5 votes
  12. Explain properly what Moqups 2 is

    I don't know why you even have Moqups 2 - the UI is much worse and it's harder to get things done! I just purchased Moqups Professional for a year and I hope that you don't deprecate the original Moqups and you keep making it better.

    Please tell the community why you did this, what your plans for original Moqups is, and what Moqups 2 can do that original can't.


    1 vote
  13. Serious bug: Images distorted/replaced when exporting projects to PNG/PDF

    While exporting a project to PNG/PDF, user uploaded pictures are automatically replaced with images from other projects (i.e. images from projects created by other, completely random users).

    Sometimes they can be heavily distorted/pixelated, but sometimes you can visibly see that they are images from other people's projects.

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  14. Unlimited amount of objects in free plan

    If you duplicate a page in the project you can surpass the limit of objects in the project, even to the point where you can make it crash.
    The console logs things about being out of sync.

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  15. file upload option is not available

    file upload option is not available,Include it because that one is mostly used by the users

    1 vote
  16. Moving comments together with stencils

    It is common problem when you move some stencils on page and commenst keep on the same place. Commenst are there because you want to add some info to the part of page. It should move together.

    5 votes
  17. Handle Japanese characters input properly on new version

    Hi, I am a Moqups standard user for three years.
    I let you know this bug in February, but it seems the situation got worse.

    On Moqups new version, I tried to input Japanese characters in text box, heading, etc, I can input only first character, then stopped.

    When I can cut Japanese text on text editor and paste it on new version text box, it works. The pages created by old version works fine on new version. I am not sure if any other double byte characters.

    I hope you can solve my problem soon.


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  18. Add Window Stencil type/state in new Moqups

    Include the option to choose a Window stencil "type" or "state" (such as, Mac, Windows, or None) in the new Moqups so that it behaves like it did in the old Moqups.

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  19. Export all pages in the heirarchy from the pages view

    I would like to export a portion of the hierarchy from the pages view in the same place where you can Delete, Set Master Page or duplicate. I would like this export to automatically select that page and all child pages for export. There are 200+ pages in my project, it gets hard to find a range using the existing functionality.

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  20. Color Spec Stencil improvement

    I like the Color Spec stencil. Two suggestions.

    1. It shall automatically pick the color where its placed
    2. When I use 6 character color code (i.e #AA69AA) then its requires bigger circle and consumes unnecessary space.

    3 votes
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