1. Export HTML

    Ability to export the mockups to html/html 5. Nothing special on the generation just plain html is fine, however, if it could be HTML/CSS that would be a plus.

    231 votes
  2. Combo box that opens as a list

    I imagine the possibility to open a combo box as it normally works, with a dropdown list

    195 votes
  3. export to HTML but with template library

    Let there be a standard and editable template (XML or something), where the objects from your moqups will be placed and exported to desired (text) format. The template libraries would be created and shared by users. Example export template libraries: for HTML5, for Android, for jQuery, iOS, Dojo etc. It could be much simpler than already existing export to PDF.

    166 votes
  4. add layers

    as for now the grouping is not enough

    149 votes
  5. Create Objects that can be shared between pages

    Maybe somethings like templates, or master pages.
    By example the browser frame, with the header is the same in all my pages

    129 votes
  6. 128 votes
  7. Page Tree instead of Page List

    Imagine creating a mockup and wanting to show different states of that mockup (e.g. 'folder opened', 'list collapsed', 'advanced view', etc) or different design alternatives.

    By organizing the pages in a tree instead of a list you could simulate a flow through your mockup (like SketchFlow for example, though there you can really define a flow) or have an easy way to organize your design alternatives.

    119 votes
  8. Make it work on iPad

    Right now it works rather bad on iPad

    118 votes
  9. Emulate hovering and popups

    Emulate hovering and popups (tooltips, popup windows etc.). Maybe by adding layers, which are visible by condition.

    117 votes
  10. 104 votes
  11. Make (some) stencils interactive

    It would be great if, e.g. a dropdown stencil, would be interactive. So, in the final mockup the person opening the mockup could actually click on it and the dropdown with its options/list entries would show. This feature, of course, would be nice also for slides, date pickers, checkboxes,...

    102 votes
    4 comments  ·  Stencils
  12. Mockup templates would be very useful and helpful to have. This way I can start rapidly a mockup

    Mockup templates would be very useful and helpful to have. This way I can start rapidly a mockup

    90 votes
  13. Responsive page layouts

    It would be great if the wireframes would have a responsive option.
    Or of you could set several breakpoints for specific wireframes.


    homepage - small (iPhone)
    homepage - medium (iPad mini)
    homepage - large (1024px)

    84 votes
  14. Integrate with Google Apps + Log in with Google.

    It would be nice to sign up / log in with Google, just like in this feedback system. Also get it in the Google Apps marketplace with integration to Google Drive

    84 votes
  15. Ability to add our custom Stencils and share Stencils sets with the community.

    If we can add stencils to our accounts and then share our stencil sets with the community will be great, and we are going to help you guys with improving the library.

    Having predefined sets with stencils that can be added to a project from your library, but not included in the basic package not to make the basic package too heavy.

    Also i think adding links within paragraphs and menu items is a must. In order to link to another page from the menu we have to add label on top of the menu and simulate the action.


    81 votes
    2 comments  ·  Stencils
  16. Master page inheritance

    Hi. I think It would be great if there is some kind of master page inheritance. For instance: I have two masters pages (A) that has some elements. Then I create another master page (B) that inherits from A and has other elements. And then a page (X) that inherits from A and another page (Z) that inherits from B. If I change any element on A it will affect master B, X, and Z. But if I change B it will only affect X.

    81 votes
  17. Any other component skins than iOS?

    Almost all components are for iOS. How about Android?
    How about desktops? (Windows/Mac)

    80 votes
    0 comments  ·  Images
  18. 78 votes
    9 comments  ·  Images
  19. Ability to link individual link-bar items

    Add the ability to add a link to a single Link-bar item. This way we could use the link bar for entire menus instead of creating single links for each menu item.

    76 votes
    0 comments  ·  Stencils
  20. Custom SVG upload

    Allow users to upload their own SVG.

    73 votes
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