1. Add ability to remove icon from buttons

    Currently, if you edit a button and select an icon to show it is then no longer possible to remove the icon.

    4 votes
  2. Put the "stencil search" field at the top of the sidebar

    Please put back the stencil search field at the top of the sidebar, it has become very difficult to use, awkwardly placed, too small and conflicting with OSX's dock.

    24 votes
  3. Ability to format text in Label stencil

    Need underline / bold / italics attributes to be applied to some or all of the text in a label.

    12 votes
    5 comments  ·  Stencils
  4. Social media stencils

    I rarely make a design these days without adding (or being asked to add) facebook, twitter etc! Perhaps they could be a valuable addition to the stencil library.

    Great app! Thanks, Dave

    5 votes
    1 comment  ·  Stencils

    Hi Dave,

    This is already covered in the Icon stencil or any stencil using icons. Try adding an “Icon” stencil and search for “Facebook” by clicking the Icon picker button in its property panel.

    Please let us know if this covers your needs or if you have additional suggestions!

  5. Fix "Open Projects" reverting to default/original account

    If it's been a while since I opened a project when I'm using my team account and I go to open a new project, the dialog only lists projects from my personal account. To get the correct list of projects back I have to switch to my personal account and back again.

    3 votes
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  6. 1 vote
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