1. Add a tool to manage header and footer.

    Add a tool to manage header and footer. In fact the areas are always the same in a website and if you have to proceed a modifiation in it, you have to copy/past the new header/footer on each page... It is very long and not convinent.
    Just create a header/footer box which updates automatically when you proceed a modification on it.

    Congratulation ! great tool !

    32 votes

    Hi guys,

    Here’s how this stands currently on the new Moqups Beta (available at ):

    - you can use Master pages to define common areas like header and footer, and any change to the master page will reflect on all the pages it’s applied to
    - you can use the new Templates feature to save your header and footer as templates — that way it’s easy to drag them to each page from the Templates pane.

    I’m marking this as Planned since we’re looking to introduce Symbols, which are a bit like Masters and a bit like Templates: they’re reusable objects in your design that when you update something in an instance, the change reflects to all other instances.

    Dan from Moqups

  2. Being able to select multiple pages and move them all at once

    Be really handy if you could select more than one page at a time when trying to organised your pages.

    If you could scroll through and hold shift down and click the ones you want to highlight, then drag them all to the bottom of the page menu which would put them all together.

    Being able to select multiple pages and move them all at once.

    Great work guys really enjoy usaing your tool!

    11 votes

    Thanks for your feedback!

    This is coming soon. We’ll first release the ability to nest pages on multiple levels next week (tree) and then we’ll allow multiple selection operations.

  3. SVG export

    I'm a little bit anxious to start doing my UX designs on moqups, because there seems to be no way of exporting to any (easily) editable format. I would be pretty much locked in, right?

    SVG export would be great!

    34 votes

    Hi Frank,

    Moqups is built with SVG and open standards at its core. However, as funny as it looks, exporting to a SVG format that is editable by any software is a bit tricky at this point, mostly because of the dependencies on the tag used to render text/typography, as well as various compatibility issues across different viewers (e.g. Illustrator).

    We’re looking for elegant and technically reliable ways to provide this functionality as well as exporting to other formats that common editors can digest. Once we get there, we’ll probably export into many more formats than SVG alone.

    Overall, our goal is to make data as portable as possible. Please bare with us a little more, we’ll get there soon!

  4. Export to Basecamp

    Would love to be able to create a new Basecamp message from a wireframe.

    6 votes
  5. Pages column resizing

    I think the nested pages is a great addition to Moqups. What would be very helpful is if the pages column width could be resized. Currently, when nesting pages, the title can off the screen to the right. It would be great if we could resize the column to allow more width to display the titles.

    4 votes
  6. PNG Export: Use the page name as the filename

    ...instead of assigning generic filenames; "Page_1.png," "Page_2.png".

    It is a bit of a PITA to go in and copy-paste each page name as the filenames once the project is exported, especially for projects with multiple pages.

    14 votes


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