1. Improve page speed and reduce loading time in new Moqup

    I love the new functionalities, stencils, icons in the new Moqups. However I find it extremely slow and buggy - it often freezes

    29 votes
  2. Image library with name and organising

    Hello. Can you make the image library to have folders and subfolders so it can be a bit more organised. Working with a prototype site containing a lot of images can be quite hard to find what images I have used and the list can go on forever. Also its a bit annoying to go through the list to find an specific image which is located at the bottom. Images can be in folder for different projects etc.


    5 votes
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  3. 129 votes
  4. Embedding a wireframe on your site.

    Having this feature would be fantastic. Moqups as a tool is brilliant but to really take ownership of your projects by adding them to your site would be the ultimate compliment I think.

    17 votes
  5. Paginator

    We need a paginator, this will be great!

    Congrats is a great tool

    7 votes
    3 comments  ·  Stencils
  6. number the pages

    It's really disorientating swapping between preview mode and edit mode. Debugging goes: preview mode > identify bug > exit preview mode > ...try and find exactly which page you found the bug on.

    Adding page numbers in the page title, page select tool (edit mode) and page select tool (preview mode) would make this a lot easier. Max votes from me.

    9 votes
  7. Link - always visible

    I love the experience so far. Great beta site... may i suggest the 'link' functionality be visible always (or give option to show always? This way it is one step less for me (users) to manipulate this assignment.

    Also, allowing linking on multiple objects and/or groups would be powerful (vs. having to go through and assign individually)

    Fully understand this may be on te roadmap already, but passing along the recommendations.

    Thanks much, have a fine day - N

    11 votes
  8. Make all stencil colours and borders editable

    In the same way we can change the colour and border for buttons and boxes, color of text and icons, it would also be great to be able to change these properties for all stencils.

    This will make it possible to make a wireframe where all stencils are consistent.

    Otherwise what is the point of changing colours at all if we can only change some of the stencils?

    15 votes
  9. tree order in interface

    I haven't created a replication case for this yet because I'm busy cranking away on a project, but I've noticed a kinda frustrating issue.

    The "pages" tree at the left sometimes doesn't align with what seems to be a separate (and not equal!) internal structure that moqups keeps somewhere else.

    The symptoms of this bug mean:

    1) Using the down arrow through the tree causes unexpected jumping around / skipping of tree branches

    2) When adding a hotspot and deciding where to link - the hierarchy in the select menu looks completely different from the hierarchy at the left.


    1 vote
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  10. Exiting preview mode shows page you were previewing

    When exiting preview mode the edit page should show you the page you were previewing.

    The most likely reason for me to preview is to QA the prototype. I exit preview as soon as I find an error, but then have to locate the page again in edit mode. It's just an unnecessary step.

    Alternatively have an *edit this page* link in preview mode that does the same thing ...but I think my first suggestion is probably sufficient.

    7 votes


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