1. 2 votes
  2. Nested pages

    Allow nesting pages on multiple levels. Very useful for big projects.

    53 votes

    Hi everyone,

    We have had nested pages for a month now in the new version of Moqups, but I forgot to mark this suggestion as completed :-)

    Let us know what you think!

    Have a great day,
    Dan from Moqups

  3. Renaming a page can freeze the entire app.

    When renaming a page/layer, if you try to drag-select the text it can try to drag the layer and freeze the entire application in Google Chrome. (Have not tested other browsers)

    You have to close and re-open the tab for it to work again, refreshing the page usually does not respond.

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  4. Put a inset 1px border around the colour you are using

    No indication of the current colour you are using

    16 votes
  5. Change opacity to rectangles

    Changing opacity or selecting a pattern fill to rectangles would aloud to create box dialogs effects, like the one i`m ussing right now to give you feedback.
    It`s usefull to indicate that you don`t want to change the context, and you need to capture the users atencion.

    18 votes
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  6. 27 votes
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  7. enable the deletion of revisions

    Revisions still confuses me. I often create one before making a big change, but should have done it after. Could you please let us delete/remove revisions we no longer need?

    3 votes
  8. Retina Favicon

    The Favicon is not retina-ready. The rest of the site is. I would love to see it change to a retina-ready icon.

    3 votes
  9. Ability to resize stencils by numbers

    Sometimes it is necessary to resize stencil to a specific size, but doing so by draging isn't the best silution.

    26 votes
  10. Explicit stencil positioning

    Add fields to explicitly set up stencil size (width and height when applicable) and position (top and left)

    14 votes
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  11. Add the ability to specify width x height for elements

    Dragging the elements is okay for setting width and height, but it would be really nice to be able to specify a numerical reference for the width and height of an element in the properties box that appears on second click of the element.

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  12. "Notes" library element

    A library element set up to leave notes/annotations on the layout. I could just use the "label" element right now, but it would be nice if the "Note" was in some kind of bordered box with a colored background and some kind of leader line I could use to point to what I'm annotating. A time stamp for the note might also be useful, as well as an initial stamp to identify you left the note.

    Awesome app, btw!

    57 votes
  13. Link to other pages

    Enable "link to other pages" in each menu item or tab item

    68 votes
  14. Masterpage

    Masterpage tool (use some elements like header for group of page or for all pages) make it the best.

    70 votes
  15. Image hotspots

    Very useful for quickly building clickable prototypes.

    38 votes
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  16. Hexadecimal colors FTW!

    Allow for hexadecimal color control instead of palette only.

    33 votes
  17. Add Blokk font for Lorem Ipsum

    How about adding this font to be used instead of Lorem Ipsum:

    5 votes
  18. 14 votes

    We’re happy to let you know that we’ve just released this feature. You can access it by visiting the classic Export dialog.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for contributing with your ideas!

  19. select multiple objects using mouse

    Introduce a mouse option to select objects from the screen for cut,copy
    it will save a lot of time to the designer communituy.

    1 vote
  20. Different pages heights

    Why all the pages have to share the same height ?

    22 votes

    Dear users,

    This is now resolved in the latest Moqups release available for you starting today.

    Thanks so much for your feedback on this. It made us switch our initial decision that all the pages should have the same height.

    Emil – co-founder @moqups


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