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Add option to set the status of a page

While sharing documents, it is often necessary to explain to collaborators which pages are finished, which are work in progress / subject to change etc. so that they know which pages are safe to ignore and which to focus on.

So I'd like to suggest a new select menu with a number of status' to choose from for each page, such as:

* new
* work in progress
* subject to change
* ready for review
* approved
* rejected
* ...

Many thanks and keep up the good work,

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Anonymous shared this idea  · 


  • DanielDaniel commented  · 

    This would be great, but a fixed list of statuses will be dangerous - moqups would be imposing an arbitrary process on users. Another option - have some defaults and allow users to add/edit/remove for their team

  • Stefana commented  · 

    Hi there! We're currently working on a major improvement of page management which includes pages statuses and many other welcome functionality additions. Stay tuned for pleasant surprises!

    Moqups Team

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