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So, you don't like Comic-Sans because...

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  • Steve commented  · 

    Completely agree... I was about to switch from mockingbird, but seriously cant even stomach being in the same room as comic sans. As soon as the font issue is sorted in moqups i'll be using it faster than you can say 'to kill a mockingbird'.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Balsamiq can use a standard Arial/Helvetica font as well. Moqups not yet, so i have to stick to Balsamiq for a while.

  • BJ ClarkBJ Clark commented  · 

    I refuse to use Balsamiq almost solely because of the Comic Sans (and Adobe Air). It's not a good font.

    1. It's not even a good handwriting font. There's lots of great "handwritten" fonts: https://typekit.com/fonts?classification=handmade. Archt
    2. There's no reason that wireframes (which aren't sketches) have to look ridiculous.
    3. You'd ask for your money back if a professional architect handed you blueprints in comic sans. So does my boss.

    For the love of science, kill the comic sans.

  • Stewart Dean commented  · 

    Comic sans makes any document used in it look less important. You don't use if for emails - why use it for wireframes? The arguement is supposed to be it makes it look less like a design as it's more 'sketchy'. In that case you should be using sketches and not trying to make wireframes look like a sketch.

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