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support font styles

Bold, Ital, Underline on all text elements - ie header

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Mike NeresonMike Nereson shared this idea  · 
completed  ·  AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) responded  · 

Hi guys,

We’re happy to announce that the new Moqups Beta (available at https://app.moqups.com ) contains a new Rich text editor that will allow you to customize the text style of each stencil.

Additionally, you can select the font, font-size and other styles from the right-hand side properties panel.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
Dan from Moqups


  • Jonathan B. commented  · 

    It would be more useful if more of the Markdown syntax was actually supported.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    What about line breaks? This is a need I have quite often, e.g. in data grid cells. Thanks!

  • AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) commented  · 

    Thanks for your feedback!

    The most text heavy stencils are having experimental support for the Markdown syntax. This is fairly hidden in the beta release, but we are working hard to make this more useful and intuitive!

    For example, you can try things like *italic*, **bold** in the Paragraph stencil.

    For more information about the Markdown wiki syntax, visit this page: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax

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