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Team sharing

Would love to be able to add friends/team to work together with as whiteboard

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Yuval PechtYuval Pecht shared this idea  · 
started  ·  AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) responded  · 

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Please keep it coming.

We’re already working on this. What you should expect from us:

Short & Mid term:
- Granular privacy settings, restricting the view and edit rights to a list of collaborators of your choice
- Collaborative feedback & annotations
- Collaborative editing, allowing other users to fork a project and create new versions
- Multiple revisions to prevent accidents and see differences between projects

Long term:
- Integration with popular tools like Basecamp, Jira, Confluence, Sharepoint and others
- Realtime editing with other collaborators
- Single sign on (SSO)
- Team management at company level
- Other enterprise features


  • digitalbumdigitalbum commented  · 

    This was posted in June, is this possible yet?

  • Sergey CherdantsevSergey Cherdantsev commented  · 

    It would be great to include Redmine to the list of popular tools for integration with.

  • Romil Javed commented  · 

    Love moqups so far, collaboration would certainly make it a LOT better. Any ETA on when collaboration might be implemented? its critical for our project we decided on a wireframe tool soon.

  • BJ ClarkBJ Clark commented  · 

    Team sharing is necessary for our company to fully adopt Moqups. Otherwise, love the tool.

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