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Master Pages

Allows specific stencils to be visible and consistent on all pages.

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AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) shared this idea  · 


  • Rob PearsonRob Pearson commented  · 

    Master pages is working well for me, and changing projects over hasn't taken that long. I also think that there is a performance improvement - skipping through loads of pages doesn't seem to lag as much as it used to for large projects ...or is that just me?
    Good work guys.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    What about the concept of page inheritance rather than just the ability to create master pages? Think object oriented programming. You could have a structure like this:
    Page A (containing recurring elements)
    Page A1 extends Page A (containing only elements unique to it)
    Page A2 extends Page A (containing only elements unique to it)
    Then a change to Page A would affect both other pages without actually touching them.

  • sebastian thomas commented  · 

    An absolute necessity I would think! And probably easier to implement than multi-user.

  • Jim TollanJim Tollan commented  · 

    the comments below express many of my thoughts on how you could improve this already fantastic product. i adopted the pattern of creating a layout page that contained most of the elements and then just duplicated that page where required. this however requires you to work a bit 'backwards' as you need to know the final stages in order to creae this subtractive template approach. an inbuilt persistant layout scheme would work well, where you saved layouts that could be locked or unlocked per 'page', thus allowing you to update the layout and have it reflected across all 'locked' pages based on that layout.

  • Alessandro Casciaro commented  · 

    This is one of the main problem.
    I hope this feature, will be implemented soon

  • KirillKirill commented  · 

    This is the main problem, why I have not switched to using Moqups.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    These should be easy to lock as well. So you could make them persistent and lock them on all pages other than the master, but enable exception pages where certain elements do not exist. This then allows the creation of special elements which could, for example reflect the page title and page number for each of the pages created :)

  • Ye LiuYe Liu commented  · 

    I agree with others, this feature is a must!

  • Andrzej Grzegorz BorkowskiAndrzej Grzegorz Borkowski commented  · 

    its called Layouts (1 column, grid, 2 column, 3 column, ...) i think its most important improvement to create !

  • Michal Kartak commented  · 

    This feature is a must ! We really need it. It should have a higher priority than multiuser colaboration imho. I'd vote all my votes for this.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please tell me how to create master page. I already search but there is no option

  • Ben commented  · 

    Master pages would be an incredible way to save time. I currently have to copy and paste a lot of the same stencils and shapes from one page to another for larger projects.

    With some of my larger projects I often find myself going back through and changing something, for example the text on a button, if this button is consistent across all pages then I have to change it once on every page. A master page would get round this.

    Great product though

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