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Link - always visible

I love the experience so far. Great beta site... may i suggest the 'link' functionality be visible always (or give option to show always? This way it is one step less for me (users) to manipulate this assignment.

Also, allowing linking on multiple objects and/or groups would be powerful (vs. having to go through and assign individually)

Fully understand this may be on te roadmap already, but passing along the recommendations.

Thanks much, have a fine day - N

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Nathan Flaim shared this idea  · 


  • Mario commented  · 

    Hi Nathan, where is the link option that was located within the right clic menu?, How can I link an object using the beta version?

  • Nathan Flaim commented  · 

    Glad you liked the idea :)

    I can't imagine the challenges you're up against with implementing groupings and the like. If you don't mind expounding on the pro/con list, I'd gladly give feedback.

    as for the shortcuts... shortcuts are always positive, I wasn't aware they existed (if able, implementing '?' to trigger summary, much like google does it, has been an amazing benefit to my learning of the efficiency of a given application.

    I'd like to also mention that the way you persist the previous LINK's "destination" is very positive, and i'd like to see that keep true... vs. defaulting back to "select one" (or the like), as you'll have to change it regardless if you're moving elsewhere.... so yes, don't change that!

    I'm sure i'll have more thought soon.

    PS- The perspectives I give are fairly ignorant of alternative ways, in that I've not empirically been a designer/mock-creator... so pardon any "duh" commentary :)

  • AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) commented  · 

    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    Everything you say makes a lot of sense. Here's a summary of our thoughts:

    - We'll try to reduce the number of clicks required to make a link. Eventually, we'll also make the linked items more obvious with some visual cue (e.g. a link icon that you can also click). A standard keyboard shortcut like "Ctrl+K" will probably help too.

    - Linking individual items in stencils like menus, tabs and others is definitely on our short term roadmap. We're working hard to get it right, as there are many possible approaches, all with pros and cons. Suggestions are welcome here too!

    Best regards,

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