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Great tool

I really like your tool. Just want to say good job.

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AnkurAnkur shared this idea  · 
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Hi guys,

Just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words, and to invite you to try our new Moqups Beta (available at https://app.moqups.com), which comes with a ton of new features — if you loved the original Moqups, we’re confident you’re going to like what we’ve done with the new product!

team Moqups


  • Julien JollyJulien Jolly commented  · 

    Really liked it. For me, better UX than Balsamiq.

  • Benjamin commented  · 

    Easy to learn, straight forward to what one needs to moqup stuff... great job. Expectig improvements tho :)

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Nice tool! hah aha ha ha ha ah

  • Bryan commented  · 

    Seriously, we have been evaluating for over a month, nothing convinced us, moqups was love at first sight, we paid for it and still feel like pirates ;) ... is that good

  • BeatBeat commented  · 

    Great tool - very intuitive - thanks!

  • PaulPaul commented  · 

    keep it up guys!!!

  • Neil MurrayNeil Murray commented  · 

    Stunningly good application. Leaves balsamiq add other mockup tools I have been trialling for dead.

  • Timon R commented  · 

    I hopelessly fell in love with moqups...keep up the great work guys!!

  • Jay Liu commented  · 

    Made my MONTH -- at least -- when I discovered this resource. Thank you!

  • Anja Sauer commented  · 

    Great tool - very intuitive - thanks!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yea, seriously. As soon as I can throw some money at you guys, I will. You deserve it!

  • Dale Darling commented  · 

    Moqups is simply gorgeous. This is HTML5 done right. Huge kudos. Let me know when I can give you money!

  • Jak Brel commented  · 

    A real good pleasure to show to my students how to mock up a webdesign project.
    Thanks a lot for your good job.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    If you have used pencil by mozilla, this is a better solution.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Found this on google today and already mocked up 3 screens. Proving very useful. Nice job!

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