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Multiuser collaboration

Would be great to have the feature to work in collaboration with other user the same mokup.

Sites like https://cacoo.com/ has this kind of feature

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Byron Corrales RivasByron Corrales Rivas shared this idea  · 


  • jonasjonas commented  · 

    Right, but how exactly does it work? Can users literally see changes as you make them?

  • Deni commented  · 


    I just got an email, great news, but as I recall, Moqups is supposed to be free (open source) or maybe I'm wrong?


  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Google docs works with online collaboration, allowing multiple users to modify the document at once.
    This is hard to develop, i know: but sharing could be allowed by assigning an active user. If an active user is working on the project and a collaborator logs in, he should be able to request the active user to log out.... or to remain as spectator, seeing the updates on each refresh or autosave.

  • Jimmy ChuJimmy Chu commented  · 

    I love moqups and this feature is really critical. Otherwise, my partner draws up some UIs, then when I want to modify it, I can only either have him to do it, or I have to redraw everything again.

    Mulit-user features can be:
    1. With the owner permission, you can clone his drawing and becoming yours.
    2. Sharing permission so other people have write-access to your mockup.

    Another good thing will be having version tracking. But for minimum effort, I guess cloning can also be used as versioning.

    Thank for the great work!

  • SvenjaSvenja commented  · 

    yep would really appreciate this feature! I don't want to have to share my account log in details to be able to collaborate.

  • Neal commented  · 

    Definitely need this feature. An intermediate helpful fix would be log-in lockout for multiple users - had our mockup pulled up on two machines to discuss in a meeting, and lost our changes, I suspect because of conflicting logins on the two machines. We should have used the preview mode on the other machine, but would have been good to get a warning of this!

  • joejoe commented  · 

    6 months and no follow? Have you guys actually started working on this? I think the comments have proven that this is an important feature :).

  • Deni commented  · 

    If you implement this feature, Moqups would be the best applications on the web!!

  • nafgnafg commented  · 

    What's the status of this?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Most important feature would be option to add user or invite one to collaborate in real time. In addition it should also allow to invite client to post comments (simple note with pencil to for markup of areas that need to change). It would be also great if we could use this app on our own websites.

  • Mark ChidlowMark Chidlow commented  · 

    Great tool. Is there any update on this requirement?

    If this is parked or some way off then at least being able to copy and paste pages between projects would be extremely helpful i.e. to support copy project, edit and merge.

  • Joshua SchellJoshua Schell commented  · 

    I agree about version control. Maybe a feature to clone someone's moqup and make additions of your own?

    As for real-time collab, maybe the user that owns his/her moqup can selectively invite another user to also participate in editing and choose if they want to save the other user's contribution or not.

  • FelixFelix commented  · 

    To be able to transfer the project to a client's account as a deliverable is crucial for professional use.

  • Chris HowardChris Howard commented  · 

    And collaboration should include annotations like HotGloo, for example.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Thinking to 2 tools I use at work (iRise and Blueprint) it would be great if Moqups could allow 2 or more people to edit a page at the same time and see those changes in real time (similar to iRise). Also new to Blueprint is the ability to collect Stakeholder feedback related to a specific page or component (keeping it similar to a conversation thread) and to also collect Stakeholder signoff on a page or component. It would be great if Moqups could do this also.

    Lastly, what would be awesome is the ability to document UI functionality and specifications for each page. That way you can not only show what you mean visually, but also give the detailed UI Interaction specification as well.

  • Kasper Tikjøb AndersenKasper Tikjøb Andersen commented  · 

    Collaboration will be wonderful - I actually thought it was part of Moqups already and have just been searching around for it - seems so obvious for Moqups. I'm an independent developer and i have pitched the idea of switching to Moqups to several design houses on several projects, and they are actually ready to go and ditch the common Photoshop wireframes. I've tried Cacoo, but it's just too cumbersome, design houses won't buy into this. I just love the Moqups simplicity and so do the design houses - I'm looking forward to seeing the collaboration features :-)

  • Andrew Tipton commented  · 

    This would be the killer feature that we'd pay a monthly fee for.

  • Adam MeehanAdam Meehan commented  · 

    The missing feature before I start using or widely recommend. Otherwise, moqups has minimal features, UI and UX that I want.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    If this feature was implemented practically the entire company would switch to Moqups tomorrow.

  • slav123slav123 commented  · 

    exactly - this is one of missing features - sharing or even moving wireframes between accounts

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