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Grid system options

It would be nice to have the option to define a grid system other than a square one, such as 960.gs or Blueprint, i.e., with columns and gutters.

Presets for these would also be nice, i.e., 960.gs 12 column (60px with 20px gutter) or 16 columns (40px/20px) (http://960.gs/demo.html) or 24 column (30px/10px) (http://960.gs/demo_24_col.html / http://blueprintcss.org/tests/parts/grid.html).

(My apologies, I originally used the contact support option rather than public idea feedback as intended)

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Milk shared this idea  · 
completed  ·  AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) responded  · 

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve just released this feature. Please let us know your feedback – we’ll continue to make a few adjustments in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks a lot for contributing with your ideas!


  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I'm not seeing this feature improved. Still only able to have a grid system aligned left, with no customization available...

  • Mark commented  · 

    Agree with Igno - should be able to centre the grid... having a left aligned 960 grid on a 1440 canvas is not very useful.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The transparency on the grid is barley visible on most screens. Love it a bit darker. Also really needs the ability to centre on canvas bigger than 960.

  • Neil Johnson commented  · 

    While the standard grid is ok there are too many grid systems nowadays to only use this structure. We use bootstrap 3 which makes the 960.gs grid structure useless. Also we are starting to use larger width grids and the 960 is just one of the media queries.

    I would suggest an open ended grid creation system by defining the width and the column, padding and gutter sizes like is done with axure.

    Also with responsive design so prevalent nowadays I also suggest a way to have multiple grid structure in one doc with the ability to toggle between mobile / tablet / desktop (or alternatively between media query sizes set).


  • Igno RanzoIgno Ranzo commented  · 

    When the canvas is larger than 960px is there a way to center the grid horizontally?

  • mir commented  · 

    would be good to have the option to make the font size smaller in a grid!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Sorry, but it's a half-baked feature. Why doesn't objects get aligned by the grid columns?

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