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Would love to see Arrow added to simple shapes, or its own shape.

But seriously folks, this is an amazing tool. I've used hotgloo and gliffy and this is leagues above them in usability. Keyboard shortcuts (working correctly on a mac too!), selection, option-drag duplication, all exactly how I expected. well done.

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Matt LeinMatt Lein shared this idea  · 


  • anardoanardo commented  · 

    I got to say this tool is pretty awesome! There is a lot of stuff missing thought. I can't justify having my department pay for it though. I will continue to use Axure till I feel the tool is mature enough. Great job guys!

  • Pierre commented  · 

    I would like at least 4 (back, forward, up and down) if not some kind of arrow rotation system for a full 360. That would be great. Good job guys!

  • Tom SmithTom Smith commented  · 

    Love the tool. But would love it more with arrows :)

    Are you able to give a rough idea of when they might be available?

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