I suggest you ...

use any font except comic sans!

The UI on the left is all in comic sans..... :/ i know its completely silly, but there are many mockup apps out there, so i can afford to be picky. And i reeeeeeeallly hate comic sans!

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brook warnerbrook warner shared this idea  · 
completed  ·  AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) responded  · 

Additional font styles are now available when creating new projects. More advanced typography options and a great variety of (web)fonts are also planned for the future.

Thanks a lot for your feedback on this matter. It really helped us steer our decisions in a different direction than where our thoughts initially went.



  • Alex JAlex J commented  · 

    Why is this marked as "completed"? The left sidebar of the UI still has Comic Sans in the stencil previews :(

  • Ilya KorolevIlya Korolev commented  · 

    It would be great to be able to change font anytime after project creation

  • Miquel Àlvarez commented  · 

    I LOVE that you do use comic sans! I hate it as much as anyone (as a font) but it really works for me. It keeps me off thinking about design and work just on functionality.

  • Leonard PerisLeonard Peris commented  · 

    It would really speak volumes if you use any other font other than Comic Sans for the UI for Moqups.

  • Billy Roshan commented  · 

    Agree with Jim, am in a Copy/Paste Nightmare here!

  • damiandamian commented  · 

    The wireframes should look like something handcrafted. This kind of fonts communicates better that wireframes are Work In Progress. If you choose to change the default font, please keep the hand-written style. It's important to have good defaults to educate people about how they should use the app.

  • Jim Dudley commented  · 

    Great tool! It would be nice to be able to change the font after you've created a mockup, not just when you're creating it.

  • Billy Roshan commented  · 

    I have just created a whole mockup in comic sans... dont ask me why.. is there a way to change it?

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