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Wish it had the ability to add to the stencils. So company Logos, repeated areas could be created once and used as a stencil

Allow user to create stencils that can be added and shared with others.

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completed  ·  AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) responded  · 

We’re happy to let you know that the new Moqups 2 beta ( https://app.moqups.com ) includes the ability to save your stencils as reusable templates. Just right click any stencil or group of stencils and then click “Save as template…”

From there you can always find your saved stencil templates in the dedicated Templates tab on the left sidebar.

We’d love to hear your feedback!

— the Moqups team


  • SamSam commented  · 

    Why can't we create a reusable template that behaves more like a master page? I want to be able to edit the template once and have the changes propagate to anywhere I used that template. Any way to do that?

  • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

    Yes that would definitely be awesome! Any plans to have it soon?

    Btw, I really think moqups is awesome !

  • Phil SpethPhil Speth commented  · 

    Two great reasons for more stencils. MasterPages, and because UI patterns change. Stencils that reflect those changes are important.

  • John Matthias SyrinekJohn Matthias Syrinek commented  · 

    Maybe I'm alone, but I sort of like that Moqups _does not_ have this feature. So many other mockup tools out there try to be more than a mockup tool. Doing so is distracting, because you find yourself trying to make it "pretty" instead of simply trying to get your idea across. Leaving these assets avoids this, but also tells people "hey, it's just for demonstration purposes, forget about the polish" by not having fancy design assets.

  • Nicola ElvinNicola Elvin commented  · 

    Would definitely help me. I am adding a footer to each page, and I am going to have to go back in and edit the links on the footer on every moqup page I have created. Be good if it was in stencils, I update the link once, and it updates across footer on all pages.

  • Steven Cinquegrana commented  · 

    Custom stencils, definitely. But the ability to edit some of the existing ones a bit more would also bee good. For example, the Combo Box height, outline color, etc, should all be customizable like many of the other controls.

  • Felix Kubasch commented  · 

    There are areas in application that repeat on every page e.g menu, logo etc. It would be great to have a referencing function. User could build a sup-page (or frame) and reference this like a stencil to the various targets. One change -> everything up to date.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I don't want to bother uploading images, i want to choose more stencils that others already uploaded and shared.

  • Thomas Kjær Nielsen commented  · 

    I really think we need both masterpages/backgrunds and stencils. I use both every day.

  • Luke Lewis commented  · 

    You can upload your own images for that....

    Vote for master pages so they start developing that! I would definitely like to see it added to this fantastic application.

  • Mary commented  · 

    I'm loving moqups, but I agree. I would love to even have page templates, based on common types of pages.

  • Timothy SladeTimothy Slade commented  · 

    Second Stephan: Master pages. Vote for that suggestion

  • BenjaminBenjamin commented  · 

    I agree, being able to create a custom stencil set would be very welcomed esp in cases where someone was say targeting an android device instead of an iphone etc.

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