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Add comment or discussion to the prototype preview

When shared prototype is viewed by customer here, online, he should be able to comment on what he sees, even to highlight what he is talking about right on the prototype.

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ionsphere shared this idea  · 


  • Dana Dopleach commented  · 

    If the comments feature is available for those viewing a mockup with the link (like our clients), then hide the comments link - it was difficult and confusing for them. If it is meant to be available, then there may be a bug there as it didn't do anything for them - this was about a month ago that I visited his office and saw what he was talking about. (August 2015). Let me know if you have any questions.

  • nathan commented  · 

    Is account creation required for commenting? When I share with clients, it's easier for them just to add their name and email (so we know who's commenting) but actually having to create an account is a bit of a hurdle to participation.

  • James commented  · 

    This feature should not be marked complete because you can not "highlight what he is talking about right on the prototype". This feature has not been implemented. Not only do we want to make comments with prototypes, we want to mark ON the prototypes.

  • Alessandro Casciaro commented  · 

    For me it's realy importan to use comment on preview, and on develop element. Please do this features

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