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To make possible copying of elements, groups and the whole pages of one project to another

If I open my two projects in different windows (google chrome) I can not copy the filled elements from one in another. We do the second project on your service. Many elements are very similar to the first project and they were to be copied simply, instead of to draw anew.

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Oleg shared this idea  · 
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Using the CTRL+C/CTRL+V commands on Windows or CMD+C/CMD+V on Mac, you can easily copy elements from one window/tab and paste it into another. There is no limit on how many elements can be copied, so you can copy a whole page if necessary.


  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This post is a bit old but It is still not possible to copy and paste via the command CTRL+C/V across projects
    Is there anything i can do to copy and paste across projects? it would be very helpful

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Copy and Paste would have saved me ton of time. Please consider adding this feature

  • Dean StringerDean Stringer commented  · 

    ah, didn't realise you couldnt do this across projects, yeah this would be super helpful, in fact, really important if you're creating multiple mockups or projects for one client

  • Daniel Yustos commented  · 

    YES- Copy & Paste is something that we really need

  • Andi Andi commented  · 

    YES - especially helpful when we're framing out responsive sites in various screen sizes (iphone, iPad, desktop) when so many of the elements will be the same.

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