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Add the "Font Awesome" icons.

Add the icons from the "Font Awesome" project, which has 220 scalable vector icons -- I use it all the time in my Bootstrap projects, and when I use moqups I'd really like to be able to use the same icons....

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Andrew Tipton shared this idea  · 
completed  ·  AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) responded  · 

Hi guys,

We’re happy to announce that the new Moqups Beta (available at https://app.moqups.com ) includes the full set of Font Awesome icons.

Additionally, we’ve included the Material Design icons from Google.

If you have other icon sets that you use frequently in your designs, drop us a line at support@moqups.com and we’ll see if we can include them as well!

— Best regards from the Moqups team


  • Ty Fairclough commented  · 

    The lack of decent icons is a real issue. I like font awesome but if we could add any @font-face then we could use a whole plethora of icons suitable for mockups, or even fonts if we wanted to access them glyph by glyph

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It's not the most ideal solution, but I've been using http://fa2png.io/ to create a png of the icon I need and then add it to my "images" in moqups.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would be happy to pay something for a selection of better icons and stencils

  • joanne commented  · 

    Would love this!

  • Ronald DiemickeRonald Diemicke commented  · 

    It'd be nice to have a couple open source font pools to choose from

  • Paul commented  · 

    Would be great to be able to add any set of icons to the stencil icon tool.

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