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Resize grid columns

I find useful the possibility to resize the columns of the grid stencil

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Rosa shared this idea  · 


  • Sameer ChavanSameer Chavan commented  · 

    Please add function to resize column widths. Right now the column width is random. I want one column to have long width so as to show text input.

  • Winston Lu commented  · 

    hope to resize the grid as well

  • Steve Sobel commented  · 

    I'd also very much like to be able to drag the size of grid columns manually! For now I'm improvising with boxes and such since the grid can't be resized...

  • rinse commented  · 

    I would like to set a fixed width for each column and maybe also to option of fixed row height

  • Matt SampaleanMatt Sampalean commented  · 

    If we were able to change the font size from the grid features option then ideally, the grid should re-size as well.

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