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Add sub-menus for vertical list menu

Hi moqups team!

A colleague showed me your site yesterday and I'm delighted with it already. Fantastic tool and perfect timing as I start wireframing a new web app.

I was experimenting with the vertical menu and the syntax for the selected menu, arrow, etc. and thought it would be brilliant if you extended the syntax and stencil to allow sub-menus to be defined for the highlighted parent menu. You could keep on nesting if you were feeling ambitious...

Once again, great site. Am utterly stoked to have discovered it!


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RogerRoger shared this idea  · 


  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I'd love to create accordion menus as well. So helpful to structure information.

  • Ronald Diemicke commented  · 

    Agreed. I went to go try to do this - and I'm guessing this doesn't work yet...

  • RogerRoger commented  · 

    Just remembered the name for these - accordion menus!

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