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Add Transparency to Stencils

Add transparency option to most of the stencil objects. Particularly the shapes so that it is easy to show highlighting. Would also be cool to use transparency to create modal windows.

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Clint Forrester shared this idea  · 


  • Nick P commented  · 


    You can get around this by uploading a transparent .PNG


    But that said, should still definitely be implemented as a colour picker UI!

  • Nicola ElvinNicola Elvin commented  · 

    Absolutely, how else can we show lightboxes/modals without it?

  • Erich commented  · 

    A general opacity slider is necessary for most elements.

  • Saeed Saeed commented  · 

    a must have feature

  • Paul commented  · 

    This would be good as you can also use stencils as hot spots. For example the stencils that have multiple buttons in (eg iOS alert) you can add a hot spot over each of the buttons to link off to different pages.

  • João VieiraJoão Vieira commented  · 

    Agree. Was about to post the same. Shadow effect in background of Pop-up windows ;)

  • JWrongJWrong commented  · 

    Yes please... need it badly.

  • paul commented  · 

    totally agree!

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