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Text alignment inside shapes

Text inside shapes is always centered. Provide a way to choose alignment of text.

Horizontally: left, right, centered, justified
Vertically: top, bottom, middle

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HarshadHarshad shared this idea  · 


  • Dmitry Baldov commented  · 

    Yes, this feature makes a lot of sense. I've found one workaround so far, but it is not an elegant way to achieve that: align all entries in the table by left cell border and use &nbsp or <pre> text with whitespaces</pre> to align by the middle or right corner

  • Vladislav SavchukVladislav Savchuk commented  · 

    As for tables, I need "text-align:center" in table columns

  • TimTim commented  · 

    This would be useful inside table cells too. Numbers are typically right aligned, text is typically left aligned but you might want to change this depending on context.

    I don't think there's a way of doing this currently?

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