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Export HTML

Ability to export the mockups to html/html 5. Nothing special on the generation just plain html is fine, however, if it could be HTML/CSS that would be a plus.

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JoshJosh shared this idea  · 


  • Neill Ritchie commented  · 

    Guys you have a great product, I have recommended it several times already.

    It just WORKS like it should, I haven't noticed any bugs at all.

    Providing the capability to export HTML5 and CSS3 would make this a very powerful design tool. Moqups would be then even more part of a designer / developers workflow.

    This would take your product into a different league entirely.

  • DS commented  · 

    Are you guys planning on doing this in the future?

    For a mockup solution this is a must!

    Will stop using if feature won't be add in the future.

  • Luciano Santa Brígida commented  · 

    Exporting the mockups as images with linked clickable areas is also a good solution. It helps to demonstrate the mockup to clients.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Does this ever result in code you can actually use? Everyone tries it, and as far as I can tell, it just ends up generating messy code that no one wants to use. Maybe a waste of time to implement?

  • Paul commented  · 

    Just to have the ability to use the interactive version offline would be great.

  • DaniSantiDaniSanti commented  · 

    Agree, it would be useful for many designers have the option to see the main HTML code/structure with a bit of CSS.

  • rinse commented  · 

    Indeed, would be nice if I could give each item in a list a seperate hyperlink. For example the list bar stencil Link 1, *Link2, Link 3 would than become. <a href="page1">link1</a>, <a href="page1">*Link2</a>, etc. Than also in the preview each page would probably get its owen url.

  • Justin Deutsch commented  · 

    Agreed. As the tool is obviously designed to be good at web page/application design I intend to use the tool for this. It would be fantastic if HTML pages could be generated and then used as a basis for web application development

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