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Option to save project locally?

I just lost a few hours work and I´m not sure how/why. I went to close Chrome and was prompted to save my work, which I did. Then I re-opened Chrome and the project was right back where it was before my session. I tried Recover but they were older versions.

I don't know how the local storage works and can't find any doco describing it. In any case, it would be good to be able to save back-up locally in case of complete lose of connectivity and the need to, say, reboot a pc.

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    i just put 5 hours into trialling this product, went to export / save and got told need to sign up to do those actions - fair call - was impressed and looking to buy.
    Signed up, my work is gone. not impressed.
    for those trialling this product losing work is a buzz kill / deal breaker. I wont be putting money into a product that doesnt value my work enough to take care of it.

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