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Select multiple object using mouse without moving background objects

Selection of multiple object using mouse is possible, but when I want to select multiple objects and there is a background object it moves it. I would like for a way to start the action of selecting multiple object without moving the background object(s).

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Victor J. ReventosVictor J. Reventos shared this idea  · 


  • ErichErich commented  · 

    It'd also be nice if objects didn't selected unless that object was fulling within the bounds of your drag.

  • Paulo Godinho commented  · 

    Maybe a layer option solve this..."problem".

  • James Drucza commented  · 

    The easiest "work around to this I've found is to start the multiple item selection on the blank background in line with one "edge" of the area of items you want to select, then dragging the select area as you'd expect across the items and the problematic background. In the end you have everything you want plus one additional item, the background, which is fairly easy to deselect using shift-click.

  • NNS commented  · 

    Locking elements you don't want to accidentally move is a familiar convention across graphics software, but indeed, it can be tedious. One solution would be to disallow moving objects without selecting them first, and to use clicking+dragging (or just single-clicking an object) as a way to create selections. This way, you could click+drag anywhere to select your objects, and release the mouse. Then, once an object or several objects are selected, you can drag them around to reposition them.

  • Rob PearsonRob Pearson commented  · 

    Of course, you can lock the item you don't want to be selectable, but I've learned that locking usually leads to more tedious time spent unlocking and re-locking, especially when you realise you want to change something across 30 pages.

    I now structure my wireframes such that the canvas is visible as much as possible: use single lines at the top and sides of your moqups to set the frame of your wireframe, not a big square. And don't bother with a bottom line - you'll waste time moving for all your pages of different lengths.

  • Fernanda Paulo RamosFernanda Paulo Ramos commented  · 

    There is a way... you just need to make sure you didn't select the background when you select the elements. ;)

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