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Allow users to create and save custom control groups

Allow a user to save control group they have created. E.g. if someone moqs up a simple paging control that they want to use on multiple projects then they should be able to select the controls that make this up and save them as a custom control that then appears in their stencils section in the left hand menu. There could also perhaps be a small store on the site where people can share controls they have created and other users can add them to their stencils collection.

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We’re happy to let you know that the new Moqups 2 beta ( https://app.moqups.com ) includes the ability to save your stencils as reusable templates. Just right click any stencil or group of stencils and then click “Save as template…”

From there you can always find your saved stencil templates in the dedicated Templates tab on the left sidebar.

We’d love to hear your feedback!

— the Moqups team

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  • Fabrix commented  · 

    And allow users to define controls for their templates?

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