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number the pages

It's really disorientating swapping between preview mode and edit mode. Debugging goes: preview mode > identify bug > exit preview mode > ...try and find exactly which page you found the bug on.

Adding page numbers in the page title, page select tool (edit mode) and page select tool (preview mode) would make this a lot easier. Max votes from me.

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Rob PearsonRob Pearson shared this idea  · 


  • Ryan RealRyan Real commented  · 

    If you are adding page numbers, please let us define the page number in the page settings. Then we can match the page number to our supporting documentation sections. For example, Section 1.4.2

  • Tilman Linden commented  · 

    This will also be valuable for exporting page regions, currently I always need to count manually to find the page numbers for the pages I want to export. Therefore, max votes from me, too.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Come on guys ! This update would make it a lot better!

  • Rob PearsonRob Pearson commented  · 

    With the recent update *preview* now opens on whatever page you were on when you selected preview: good work guys.

    It would be great if when you **exit** preview, after moving around pages, the page you were last previewing is then displayed: i.e. position is preserved.


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