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Project privacy setting is reset to "Public" after project name is edited.

To reproduce the problem:

1.) Open a project and set its Privacy setting to Private.
2.) Click on the Gear icon and change the name of the project.
3.) Save the project.
4.) Reload the page.
3.) Click on the Share & Preview icon.
4.) Observe that the privacy setting is marked as "Public".

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NNS shared this idea  · 


  • Cris Casey commented  · 

    Thanks NNS. Moqups Support should respond to this as it is a serious issue if confidentiality is desired.

  • Cris Casey commented  · 

    This is not fixed. It just happened to me - 2015-Jun-16

  • NNS commented  · 

    Oops, the numbering on the list got really messed up, sorry about that. The list is in order otherwise.

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