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Responsive page layouts

It would be great if the wireframes would have a responsive option.
Or of you could set several breakpoints for specific wireframes.


homepage - small (iPhone)
homepage - medium (iPad mini)
homepage - large (1024px)

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  • Brody McKeeBrody McKee commented  · 

    I think this could work, but would require a little redesign work.

    Big considerations would be that items would need to be able to be sized in %, rem, etc - and there would need to be some way to link object widths to the grid used.

  • Rob PearsonRob Pearson commented  · 

    I'm not sure how this could ever work.

    In order to define exactly what would appear at different resolutions, and in what order, you'd have to develop a markup language for moqups that would essentially be as capable as html. And you'd still have to work out on pen and paper how the layouts would look at the different resolutions anyway, so you might as well sketch the different sizes in moqups as different pages within your set.

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