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Hey guys, what do you think of adding a feature where you can drop a small pin icon onto the wireframe and add notes/comments to this pin?

Then when you preview the wireframe you can hover the pin and it reveals the notes.

The current comment feature doesn't really allow to be specific to an area with ease and the notes is too obtrusive to the wireframe.

I believe UX Pin does something similar to this. Although one of the few things they do well.

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Gavin shared this idea  · 
completed  ·  AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) responded  · 

Hi guys,

We’re happy to announce that the new Moqups Beta (available at https://app.moqups.com ) comes with a much needed revamp of the comments feature.

How it works now is that you can drop comments directly on the page, that open up to reveal the conversation for that particular spot on the page.

Hope you’ll like it!

Best regards,
Dan from Moqups


  • logan commented  · 

    Would be a HUGE help for improved team collaboration

  • Don commented  · 

    agree! Comments related to a specific point on a wireframe would be VERY helpful!

  • Vincent ChanVincent Chan commented  · 

    I need this feature so badly. Right now I have to export all the screens and import them into InVisionApp because their comment feature is so great. It's so time consuming though. Hope moqups will implement a better comment feature soon.

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