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Import from Balsamiq

I hate Balsamiq, and I hate that other people don't feel the same way. Unfortunately, the reality is, Balsamiq is a big name, and I'm often faced with having to deal with the files this application produces. It'd be great if I could just import these into Moqups.

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John Matthias SyrinekJohn Matthias Syrinek shared this idea  · 


  • Brandon commented  · 

    What is the status of this idea? The ability to directly import from Balsamiq would be huge asset as well as a deal breaker for a lot of customers.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Any progress? This feature will be very useful. We have a number of clients that we can port over from Balsamiq.

    Regards, Ashish

  • Graeme Pietersz commented  · 

    Any progress on this. I use Moqups, I have one client on Balsamiq and it would be great to move them over.

  • Dennis Laymi commented  · 

    Are you guys doing something about this? Would be great to an sign from your team!

  • Jarkko LaineJarkko Laine commented  · 

    Any update on this? Since the Balsamiq mockups are just xml, this doesn't sound like an unsurmountable task*.

    The fact is, not being able to import the existing lib is a huge roadblock for us to jump ship, which I very much would like to do.

    *) Yeah, I know, famous last words :-)

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